Saviva Technologies: Platform that Accelerates Growth

Murli Manohar J M , D. Jamunadevi,Co-FoundersFormed by a group of genius software developers, Saviva Technologies lives by the forethought of creating new opportunities and enabling engineering skills to talented and aspiring youth of the nation. The company excels in providing sublime technology solutions dealing with the manifesting technological requirements. The sole objective of bringing this concern into existence is to assist businesses crusade towards the path of growth and prosperity by extenuating all the risk factors.

It is eminently known for being an integral part of InfoCorp's product team in the production of a Livestock tokenization technology named FarmTrek solution. This technology is framed by availing all the up to date technologies such as RFID, blockchain and secured mobile application as well. The solution is specially crafted to bring in Financial Inclusion that delivers exceptional services directly to the agricultural and other domains. Having seen the kind of positive impact this innovation has made, Saviva Technologies is all set to bring this invention to the Indian business ecosystem as well.

Apart from this, its expertise lies in identifying and training the right talents existing in the ecosystem. Its global partnerships have enabled it to single out the finest talents from every corner of the world. The company is on the mission to get the brilliant minds indulge in socially responsible projects by learning
and mastering the latest technology such as blockchain, IoT, AI and others. In fact, it along with its global partners form an impactful team that has been delivering arapid iterations means and excellent quality result.

“Saviva is crafted by doyens of the industry that hold 15+ years of knowledge and expertise in the software development space. We belong to the world of complex enterprise IT initiatives that has empowered us to strategize our delivery and support process with industry standard quality, on-time delivery and devise best suiting offerings. We consider it to be our foremost duty to step on the right foot with our clients. Our entire team puts in their efforts to understand the core needs of our clients, based on which we construct prospective route that will help them prosper in their respective fields,” narrates D. Jamunadevi, Co-Founder, Saviva Technologies.
The Achievements
Robust and constructive strategies gave Saviva Technologies the green light to each of its endeavour. In a span of four years, the company has made exceptional headways. It has on boarded clients from across the globe which not only boosted its geographical presence but heightened its financial gains as well. Rooted in the Detroit of India Chennai, the company has expanded its presence to national and international level. It has witnessed about 98 per cent increase in its yearly turnover. Icing on the cake is, Saviva Technologies has been awarded with India 500 Startup Awards 2019 for its sincerity in developing products and services of excellent quality.

D. Jamunadevi, Co-Founder
“We always measure our success through our customer’s success. The happier the customer the better is our business. We are grateful to our small yet powerful team for ardent effort to meet the client’s needs. It is this attribute that has helped us make the uphill move,” she adds.

For the upcoming days, Saviva Technologies has decided to think up an accurate process which will ensure the development of its own self and its clients. It ardently intends to upgrade its knowledge and scopes in order to help its clients adapt new adapt changes smoothly.