Scalsys Technologies: Delivering Quality, Cutting-Edge & Cost-Effective Web Development Experience

Pranay Patadiya,Co-Founder & Director

Pranay Patadiya

Co-Founder & Director

Replete with heterogeneous service providers and freelancers, Indian web development industry is witnessing competition like never before, thereby making it daunting for organizations to choose the best web designing partner among the horde. “To sustain in this industry, a web developing company has to provide cutting-edge and quality solutions, cost-effectively,” quotes Pranay Patadiya, Co-Founder & Director, Scalsys – a comprehensive software development solutions enabler. However, not many cater to the aforementioned needs. But Scalsys, on the other hand, was born to fill this crater in 2012 and have been instrumental in wowing the clients worldwide with such experience, since then.

The team of design pros and creative minds at Scalsys churns out up-to-date, sleek and engaging websites, surpassing customers’ expectations, which in turn reflects the magnitude of their passion and expertise invested in the domain. As one of the finest web development
solutions enabler in the industry, the company provides a comprehensive arsenal of solutions that cover customer, responsive, corporate, landing page, e-Commerce, mobile, mobile app UI and graphic & logo, CMS template design and development services. Right from simple to responsive to a complex website design that mirrors the open source advanced technologies like Drupal and Liferay, Scalsys provides it all. “Open source technology needs no licensing cost, except its customization, thereby saving more than 60 percent of a customer’s revenue. We also charge on hourly-basis, but at a very minimal rate across all the continents,” explains Pranay Patadiya, Co-Founder & Director, Scalsys.

Right from simple to responsive to a complex website design that mirrors the open source advanced technologies like Drupal and Liferay, Scalsys provides it all

And this is why Scalasys is placed a cut above the rest in providing the solutions cost-effectively, although it deploys cutting-edge technology portfolio that covers advanced open source programming languages, BI, Big Data Analytics and ERP. Apart from the website design services, Scalsys has carved its core competency in open source, mobile development, offshore outsourcing
and partner solutions. The company is also marked distinctively for its timely solution delivery and 24/7 support catering to different time-zones and regions.

Powering the Excellence

Till date, Scalsys has deployed more than 50 solutions across the world, which stand with five-star rating and highest downloads. The entity has managed to break the stereotypes and emerged to be a trusted partner for marquee clients like Vodafone, Wells Fargo Bank and UNICEF, with an enviable record of turning 90 percent of them into advocates. The rationale behind such excellence undoubtedly boils down to its solutions and a legion of 30 smart and quality professionals who love to impart their utter dedication, significant experience and expertise in every endeavor, which helped the company achieve Rs.1.5 crore revenue since inception.

Honing the skills of employees to proffer the best services, the company runs regular technical as well as soft-skills training and jazzes them up with fun, yet empowering programs like Hackathons. “We aim to make ourselves stronger in the open source and web development technologies. Thus we focus on expanding capabilities of our experts, rather than headcount,” explains Pranay. En route, the company is in the stage of becoming one of the top three Cryptocurrency solution companies in India and is eying at foraying into futuristic technologies like Big Data and IoT.