Sciffer Analytics: Creative Optimizers & Machine Learning Models for Broadcasters

Chandni Priya & Karan Kabra,,Co-Founders

Chandni Priya & Karan Kabra, Co-Founders

Pune-based Sciffer Analytics is disrupting the TV broadcasting & digital space with its innovative machine learning and deep learning software. The company is one of the first movers in developing creative optimizers and schedulers for broadcasters. “Our mathematical models have the potential to bring revenue upsides, save operational overheads, optimize inventory consumption and give precise business intelligence insights. With our products, we aim to provide action inspiring insights to our clients," says Karan Kabra, CEO & Founder.

The company provides an array of services to its prospects in the media industry. Some of these services include software like the content optimizer, promo optimizer, ad optimizer and facility management. These solutions have been developed to optimize content library, placement of content, advertisements & promos and to automate a number of processes. “We keep on continually improving our machine learning & deep learning models to make sure they are relevant and continue to add value to our clients. We take frequent feedback from our clients about the changing environment”, he informs.
Sciffer primarily caters its services to all of the big players in the media industry. Apart from this, it also assists media companies who have taken baby steps in the industry. “With artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities embedded in our programs, the list of benefits that our prospects get is huge. Our products help optimize content & inventory consumption substantially and also help in acquiring new audiences”, mentions Karan.

The Inception Story

With a history of building strategic and insight-driven solutions, tailor-made for the user to maximize efficiency and productivity, the idea of zeroing in upon establishing a venture in this vertical took shape. Chandni, Co-founder at Sciffer explains, We had a fair idea of the potential business problems faced by media broadcasters in our country. Our experience in solving similar problems in other countries and our passion for technology & analytics motivated us to take this leap of faith.”

The initial days at Sciffer were rough owing to high-cost resources and personal liabilities. After the foundation in 2015, it took the team more than a year to sign its first commercial contract. However, after a few successful POCs with large broadcasters, they started investing faith in the team’s capabilities. The team further acquired more opportunities for problem-solving. “Looking back, it was important to hold ourselves together to reach where we are today,” she smiles. The years of hard work that the team has put
in developing and integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence into the programs, gives Sciffer an extra advantage of providing accurate data-driven insights. “Our software can track dynamic popularity of star casts, producers and directors which affects directly on the performance of other movies with the same cast, producers, and directors,” Karan adds.

The Growth

Started out as a 4 member team in 2015, Sciffer now houses a team of 20+ members. The core development team is based out of Pune but there are smaller teams now operating out of client offices in Mumbai and other areas. They are recognized under Startup India for Innovative Startups (Govt. of India) and currently part of the Essel Group’s Esselerator program.

his year, Sciffer is expanding its media operations outside India to USA Tier-2, North Africa, South East Asia & Middle East

Currently, the team is working on opportunities in digital space such as recommendation engine for OTT platforms and audience analytics and strategy. In their product roadmap, they also plan to create a SaaS platform for media buying side which would optimize media budget spend for advertisers and agencies. This year, Sciffer is expanding its media operations outside India to USA Tier-2, North Africa, South East Asia & Middle East.