Scooboo: Revolutionizing Stationery Industry in India

Parag Jindal, Founder

Parag Jindal


In the emerging global economy, eCommerce has increasingly become a vital component of business strategy and a solid catalyst for economic development. The importance of eCommerce in the present scenario has been gaining huge popularity owing to its benefits. The rapidly expanding e-commerce company in India has created numerous opportunities across a wide range of sectors, including the stationery industry.

Rising number of online portals and e-commerce sites which are providing a wide range of stationery products has significantly boosted the growth of the online stationery market in India.

Significantly, one of the fastest flourishing Stationery and art & craft online e-commerce platforms that strives to provide clients with services and products that are not accessible anywhere in India is Scooboo. Scooboo was established in 2018 by Parag Jindal withthe vision of bridging the gap that was prevalent in the Indian stationery market.

"The stationery market in India was highly unorganized, with a lack of new product ranges and decades of the same product of the same brand being offered. I dug deeper into this market and explored products in other nations such as Japan, Germany, and
Dubai in order to better understand what is available in India as to what is sold overseas. After a year of recessing the market, I learned that there was a huge gap and resolved to close it," signifies Parag Jindal, Founder.

Scooboo lays its expertise as a service platform and focuses on the latest needs of stationery end users. The firm launches the brands on its platform and majorly emphasizes on Japanese stationery. Parag Jindal adds "Plus Japan is one of the brands that we are working with. Plus Japan has a variety of utility products for the craft and office usage, and one of Scooboo's best-selling products today is from this brand." It features more than 150 brands with over 6000 products on its website, which is ever-changing. Scooboo is primarily distinct in its service, the type of product it brings to clients, its procurement, the way in which it delivers, and the delivery service that it provides to its customers are all exceptional.

Scooboo Is Primarily Distinct In Its Service, From The Type Of Product It Brings To Clients To The Delivery And After-Sale Support It Provides To Its Customers.

Further, the firm adheres to a slew of SOPs right from procurement to the delivery of the product. All SOPs are closely followed within the organization to ensure that the product and service provided to the customer is of the highest quality. "We are always receptive to constructive client feedback, and there is no way we want our customers to be unsatisfied with the service or the products we offer," signifies Parag Jindal.

Scooboo has grown exponentially since its inception in 2018 and holds a strong presence in the market owing to the dynamic stewardship of Parag Jindal. The firm began with around 100 products servicing around 2000 pin codes and has since grown to serve over 26000 pin codes nationally with over 6000 products on its platform ­

Thisonline stationery ecommerce brand has witnessed 3x growth year on year and as it proceeds ahead to reaching new heights and has several growth plans in its pipeline. The firm is looking forward to expanding its operations in different countries and hopes to start with its first 2 countries within a few months. Scooboo also intends to have its offline outlets to facilitate hyperlocal deliveries in the near future.