Scribbld Social:Leading The Way With Conjecture & Persistence

Kajol Bheda,FounderDigital Marketing has created a competitive environment all around the globe, which makes people believe if you are not a part of it already, you need to get on board before your competitors do. As a result, digital marketing is on the rise, with transparency being its biggest asset. With the cutthroat rivalry among various up and coming digital marketing agencies, Scribbld Social has held its head high with an effective storytelling technique.

Empathy & Lifetime Learning
Taking a bold step in the middle of the pandemic, Scribbld Social, a digital marketing studio, was started in June 2020 by Kajol Bheda. With the aim to make out-of-the-box the new normal, and taking advantage of the work from home situation, Scribbld started building a team of creative and empathetic individuals from all over the country. There were a lot of added cons and challenges in this journey, but with Kajol’s strong leadership, perseverance, and patience, Scribbld delivered the best service to their clients, leveraged the most out of the work from home culture and helped team Scribbld beat their best and excel at every step. What sets Scribbld apart from most digital marke

ting agencies is its work ethic which mainly focuses on empathy. Not just the founder, but the entire team is empathy driven, for their customers, partners and fellow employees. This quality of Scribbld Social has helped them hone a simple, yet essential strength and has become the cornerstone of the company.

Scribbld is all set to amplify growth through dedication and teamwork

Being a Media Production graduate, Kajol excelled in the storytelling technique, which is the core of making any product/service relatable to your audience. This technique, when combined with a video format, has the power to affect many minds and this phenomenon is what Kajol and her team have stuck by to leverage their place in the competitive digital world.

Entrepreneurial Mindset
While speaking of the competitive digital world, it is impossible to not talk about the excessive competition in every industry. To bridge the gap between employees and employers, Scribbld Social started Recrooot, an initiative to make job hunting quick and easy. Strongly believing in finding the right employees for companies, and most importantly the right company for an individual based on their skills and preferences, Recrooot offers effective solutions along with job opportunities to employees and employers so that the week-long year end trip that an employee takes, doesn’t come as a shock to the company!

Scribblr’s Thoughts
While it is difficult to understand the demands of the clients, meet their requirements, offer creative solutions, and stay ahead of the competition, Team Scribbld’s constant efforts are to be persistent and deal with every problem that is thrown at them with patience and conjecture. Being an entrepreneur and a lifetime learner, Kajol’s consistent efforts are to keep the team spirits high, which motivates the team to relentlessly focus on achieving results and strive for excellence.

It is Kajol Bheda’s passion that drives the team forward and gives them the hope that everything they can imagine is real.Today, Scribbld is growing faster than ever, with Kajol at the helm.