SDMR: Enabling Businesses to Grow Through Exploration

Rashmi Chakote,FounderThe notion of constantly changing and improving on the business parameters has not really changed much over the years, only necessitated further. Even if we keep the current crisis aside, businesses still need to rewire their approaches and technologies, all the same. If anything, the crisis has only brought almost the entire business world on the boat, and now everyone wants to voyage by staying abreast with the latest trends and technologies in the market. Question is, are the market research providers well equipped to handle the growing demands of the industry?

Well, Pune based Supply & Demand Market Research (SDMR) sure is. Founded by Rashmi Chakote, SDMR provides market research reports to Fortune 500 companies, private equities, universities, government institutions, potential start-ups, and non-profit organizations. SDMR has captured a considerable market share by catering clients with reports surrounding every aspect of their business, right from product development to application modelling, and exploring new markets sizing into new niche & growth opportunities.

SDMR is dedicated to publishing only high quality in-depth market research studies that help clients to attain granular level strategy and grasp business trends expected for the future development. Market sizing, forecasts, pricing trends, industry research, consumer insights, and innovation trends are topics of SDMR's portfolio of market research reports. Besides, given the impact of COVID-19 on all the reports that have been influenced drastically with respect to estimates of various industry parameters and data points, it is imperative to stay updated or revise the old market numbers. SDMR aligns these research reports accordingly to produce only the true and relevant figures.

Global Presence
SDMR has its outreach spread across North America, covering the US, Canada. SDMR also encompasses major countries, in Europe, like Germany, France, Sweden, Greece, and Italy. Asia Pacific, including Korea, Thailand, China and India. Middle East too is an eminent geographical focus area for SDMR with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Egypt being prime bases. Being an Indian company, this market research consulting firm has been helping industry giants from around world to make better decisions with respect to clean investments, new markets penetration, competition analysis, and learn market positioning.

Approach to Accurate and Complete Data
SDMR takes a very comprehensive approach in building its reports. The market research estimation is preceded by market sizing and forecasting. This involves data collection via primary and secondary resources. Secondary resources free as well as paid databases. Information gathered is forwarded to analysts. The firm also conducts a lot of interviews with key vendors and leading players in the market. Spanning the entire value chain of an industry, SDMR collects information right from the raw material supplier to the end users.

This is followed by the demand and supply analysis. SDMR
team of experts perform the demand and supply side analysis from both sides from the demand side and supply side, in order to generate the market data and forecast. The firm's consulting assignments are delivered by a network of consultants and market researchers who help clients in understanding the complete intricacies and nuances of the demand side and the supply markets.

SDMR's methodology frame-work is precise and foolproof which allows its clients to access & understand the supply side and the demand side methodology of market estimation. SDMR provides consulting services across a wide range of topics such customer intelligence, competitor intelligence, Go To Market, process economics & cost modelling, supply chain & logistics, live market tracker, new market development, regional expansion, marketing collateral, and merger acquisitions.

We keep identifying niche & disruptive technologies that will transform businesses & global economy

The top down and bottom up approaches, market modelling according to the topic, are some of the unique measures taken by SDMR. Once the data is collected, the findings are verified by SDMR's in-house leading domain experts.

Cross Industry Expertise
Currently, SDMR is significantly involved with the healthcare industry. For the healthcare segment, SDMR particularly finds extreme usefulness with advanced genetic sequencing, biaction cardiovasculary devices, healthcare IT's diagnostic imaging, healthcare analytics, biopharmaceuticals, and other COVID related enquires too. For the IT segment, SDMR plays a vital role covering topics like cyber secuiryt, end point security, cloud computing, software defined anything, 5G Network, Hyperloop transportation. From automation to IoT to Food & Agriculture, SDMR caters to a myriad of verticals and subverticals.

SDMR's Syndicate Research Process
Clearly, with so much data to keep up with, a market research firm needs to keep pace with the market. SDMR is one of the fastest growing market research and consulting companies and it helps client in achieving progressive growth in the market which is heavily impacted by niche and mega trends, innovative business models, and the competitive environment in terms of both supply and demand market. The supply side market is impacted by capacity, cost margin, profit margin, disruptive technologies, policies, competition and regulation. The demand side market is impacted by customer expectation, end use trends, price, regional demands and trends, macro-economic factors and micro economic factors.

“SDMR is dedicated to publishing only high quality in-depth market research studies that help clients to attain granular level strategy and grasp business trends expected for the future development”

Narrating SDMR's stances in staying ahead in the competition Rashmi says, "We keep identifying niche & disruptive technologies that will transform businesses & global economy. We serve clients at every level of their organizations. I know that whether as a trusted advisor to the top management, or handing quotes to the front line employees, we help clients to put recommendations into skills and work directly with them over the long time. So no matter the challenge, you know, we focus on the delivering practical and enduring results". Coming from an entrepreneurial background, Rashmi has had her own set of challenges setting up her organization. While arduous, the challenges never pulled her back from carrying SDMR to its current heights of success. The number of clients on-board with SDMR drew a somewhat strenuous picture, but Rashmi was able to handle it all with utmost zeal. She says her journey, though challenging, was very exciting.

A Diversified Future- More than Just Reports
In terms of expansion, SDMR plans to establish an office in Pune with hundred new analysts, within the next six months. The company is looking for investment, which could help them in rapid expansion. In less than two years, the firm has served fortune 500 clients, 100+ satisfied customer and posted good growth. SDMR is quite confident that they will find prospective investor for expansion in the coming months. As COVID-19 hit the market drastically, SDMR has also partnered with a lot of global companies to explore different avenues in various sectors such as medical, technology, aerospace and others.

Rashmi Chakote, Founder
No. of Employees: 50+
Headquarter & other offices: Pune, Solapur, & Canada

Awards & Recognition: Won Promising Entrepreneur Award by Vishweshwar International Association-January 2019