SecIQ Technologies: Enabling Organizations to stay ahead of Hackers

 Bivin Jacob ,   Co-Founder

Bivin Jacob


Digital systems are an essential part of modernage businesses but are vulnerable to attacks by hacktivists. Cybercrimes have increased multifold in recent years, meaning comprehensive cyber security is of primary importance to the digital world. Most start-ups have trouble hiring in-house IT teams due to financial constraints. SecIQ Technologies is a specialized security consulting firm that offers end-to-end information security solutions for the uninterrupted functioning of technology-dependent organizations. Established in 2019 and headquartered in Bengaluru, SecIQ Technologies is a pure-play information security consulting firm that offers information security as a service. Headed by Bivin Jacob the Co-Founder, the company is staffed by a team of highly skilled professionals, researchers, and experts on the subject of cybersecurity.

SecIQ is committed to providing its’ clients with the best cyber security solutions. A combination of industry security experts, security research, and proprietary technologies make up SecIQ Technologies.

SecIQ resolves security issues associated with external networks, web applications in AWS cloud, IoT frameworks, and mobile applications. SecIQ does more than identify security issues. It provides technical consultation, and support for the resolution of problems. Based on the client’s
equirements,the company enables SecDevOps and provides security architecture reviews as a Shift Left approach. The company also trains developers for the implementation of secure coding practices.

Outwitting the Hackers
SecIQ uncovers vulnerabilities, in digital systems, and guides users on how to mitigate risk. The company provides comprehensive product security assessments throughout the lifecycle of the technology. The service incorporates security essentials early in the lifecycle of the application. Further, the company provides design/architecture review, source code analysis, network architecture and cloud security assessments. It also includes vulnerability assessment & penetration testing (VAPT)and Red teaming exercises. The services of the company are classified as mobile application security, web application penetration, static application security, dynamic application security, IoT security, network vulnerability, and assessment and penetration.

Through an automated and internally developed script, SecIQ manually searches for vulnerabilities, in programs, from a hacker’s perspective. Normally such assessments are beyond the scope of conventional scanners. This ability of the company differentiates it from its peers.

Integrated Risk Management
SecIQ provides customized and comprehensive services including the identification of vulnerabilities and providing end-to-end support. The service covers security needs such as training and consulting, and support services such as incident response, customized security audits, and reviews. This unique approach can be termed the USP of the company.

The team at SecIQ hail from different engineering specialties is well-qualified and possesses vast domain experience. Ensuring the safety of clients’ applications, and helping them stay ahead of the hackers is the goal of SecIQ’s team. The company believes in teamwork and its motto is “team strength and to win as a team”. SecIQ Technologies has worked with big names such as delhivery, Hindustan Times Media group Polycab, Quickride, Falcon, Physicswalla, Bobble, Caliper, Convergence, Alert Fusion,Trezi, Quinstinct, Peritus and Evoque Innovative Labs. The company caters to both Indian and global clients.

SecIQ has worked through challenges and is now on a positive growth trajectory. The company plans to expand its services to meet the increased demand for cybersecurity solutions. SecIQ is progressing rapidly and is aggressively working to be the market leaders soon. Customer satisfaction is the driving force that keeps SecIQ Technologies on the path of progress.