Sehet: Bringing Affordable Healthcare Services at the Patients Fingertips

Lalit Batra ,Co-Founder

Lalit Batra


Startups have disrupted the way healthcare services are consumed in recent times. These startups are efficiently leveraging technology and thus making healthcare more accessible and affordable to all masses. Among the myriad of telemedicine and health startups leading this healthcare tech revolution from the front, one company that stands out is Sehet, a telemedicine startup that is successfully connecting patients to doctors in a quick and hasslefree way.

Lalit Batra (Co-Founder) incepted Sehet in 2020 during the Covid pandemic to address the difficulties of people from all parts of India faced during this period to avail healthcare services. Thus, Sehet came into existence as a telemedicine startup to bridge the gap between doctors and patients located in remote locations or rural areas by acting as an intermediary platform for patients to connect with any doctor of their choice, take online consultations, and even book offline appointments with doctors.

“We at Sehet are aiming to spread a wide base platform for quick online medical consultations with the view to make medical services readily available even at the remotest locations of the country. With a wider patient outreach, we tend to create a revolution in this field. In short, digital consultations are going to create a new wave of ease for patients to seek medical help whenever needed despite waiting for much time”, says Vikas Batra, Co-Founder, Sehet.
As a nextgen healthcare platform, Sehet enables its users to avail a variety of healthcare services such as online consultations, getting doctors’ prescriptions, HD Audio & Video teleconsultations, and a lot more in a secure and hasslefree way.Currently, Sehet mobile application which can be downloaded from the Play store & App store is available in English and Hindi languages and is designed to have a very user friendly interface that will enable patients to avail of their desired services in the quickest way possible.

Sehet has incorporated a Quick Call facility in its application through which patients can directly & immediately connect with the available doctor without an appointment or entering their details

Keeping patient health paramount, Sehet also enables users to access & view informative videos, workshops, and blogs on its platform about the common diseases to create awareness about precautionary measures. Additionally, the company also conducts eye camps, blood donation camps, disease eradication camps, and awareness talks by experts to improve the way in which health and wellness is being perceived by people today.

“We have incorporated a Quick Call facility in our application through which patients can directly and immediately connect with an available doctor without any prior appointment or entering their details. Our ‘Special Care’ department also does followup calls every 10 days to guide our satisfied patients at no extra cost”, explains Praveen K. Tak, CEO, Sehet.

Sehet also offers a unique feature named ‘Sehet Card’ that enables the cardholder to avail of a variety of online facilities and other benefits in the form of combos at a very optimize cost. What sets the company a notch higher than its competitors is its ‘Sehet App Kendra’, a mobile treatment vehicle that is taking healthcare services to the patient’s doorstep.

Owing to such high-quality practices and niche offerings, Sehet today boasts of having over 1,350 doctors onboard across 25 states, 225+ cities & villages, and over 10,000 benefitted patients. Going forward, the company plans to increase its number of onboarded doctors to 6,000, benefit 50,000 patients, offer 8,000 Sehet Cards, and associate with 2,000 channel partners. It is also planning to increase its Sehet App Kendras to four and set up two Sehet Mobile Testing Labs and two Sehet Mobile Medical Stores in the near future.