Selfride: Mess-free Bike Ride!

Nanda R Kaushik, CEOThe Ingression of technology and penetration of smart phones has marked revolution in every other sector. It has transformed the way of life and made everything avail-able at the door steps. With this India is venturing into several online services. The online rental sector is increasingly gaining traction, especially the rise of bike rental startups in India has brought immense opportunities for travel enthusiasts to avail comfortable, convenient and affordable commute. This allows them to gain a joyful ride experience without worrying on the maintenance hassles. Several such bike rental companies are venturing into the space with the increasing traffic and wide range of vehicles attracting the customers. The potential of this burgeoning sector did n't go unrecognized by Nanda R Kaushik an avid entrepreneur in the landscape. Realizing the increasing rental need of two wheelers he established Self Ride-one-stop shop to rent a wide range of vehicles at an affordable price.

Though the founder was not exposed to the business world, he was backed by his family to venture into this field. They pooled all the variants of Yamaha range from scooters to highend bikes and other commuter vehicles.
With the resourcesavailable and a well built service centre to make surethe customer is satisfied on the vehicle's condition, they began the operation as a bike rental startup in the year 2017. "Being a company in this market which is immensely growing came with own set of snags. Especially to us it was technology, as we wanted to venture something new that does not exist in the market. Meeting the client's needs by technical means and precisely monitoring the vehicles through GPS involved an extra effort," exclaims Nanda.

Starting with five now turning the fleet to 100+ vehicles Selfride has witnessed a steady growth since the inception

He further adds, "We began the operation by concentrating on the population who has lately approached the service centers, as it would at least take a day for the service to be done. In that case we would offer them to rent vehicles at an affordable price."

With a vision to make bikes available to those who don't own a bike or need economical and easy transportation Self Ride helps people to beat traffic, exploring a new city or even a road trip. "Instead of spending on Auto/Taxi or traveling on crowded bus, renting a bike will make the commute more mobile and efficient. Thus, we are here to meet the needs of clients in such a way that we make plans work and possible for them,"informs he.

The fleet consists of commuter bikes, performance bikes and sports bikes. They are maintained and equipped with the latest technology. The company follows customer centric approach to provide simple and hassle free process. It ensures customer safety in all the ways possible. "We work around the clock, to make the whole process convenient and more memorable for our customers," he asserts.

Starting with five now turning the fleet to 100+ vehicles the company has witnessed a steady growth since the inception. The company is on verge of joining hands with several EV manufactures with a plan to go green. "We are concentrating on gaining much more stability in the current market scenario and we would replace the entire fleet with electric vehicles in the near future,"he concludes.