Selindus: Creating Amazing Smart Home Experiences

Sherlin Titus ,General Manager

Sherlin Titus

General Manager

Technology is a critical factor in the way we function today disruption through technology has bought forth some of the most efficient solutions in many aspects of life today. From smart phones, internet banking, e-commerce to new age innovations such as wearable technology and smart homes, technological innovation is impacting our lives like it has never before stitching together people, systems and solutions seamlessly. Home automation has its roots in smart home appliances which has over the years led to the development of integrated smart homes.Sensing tremendous market opportunities, many domestic home automation solutions firms have aggressively entered this niche arena with their offerings. One such company is Tamilnadu based Selindus, an intelligent systems and solutions brand of RYFOM that delivers products and services for smart infrastructure solutions.

Selindus in India is a family enterprise that ventured from RYFOM Limited, which is an establishment in London. The Indian origin founders wanted to create an impact in the global market through economic value creation and they witnessed incredible latent in smart homes space. "We perceive a huge potential in India and around the globe in leveraging smart home products with more and more users demanding smart phone integrated solutions. Therefore, we have positioned our selves in the market with alliance with European manufactures that
have proven expertise and quality control
measures,"explicates Sherlin Titus, General Manager, Selindus.

Team Selindus' priority is creating wonderful experience in homes of customers using technology. In addition to this they wish to complement their customers with convenience security and energy saving. While initially they started off with providing entrance automation products for residential segment such as automation for swing gates, automation for sliding gates, automation for boom barriers and automation for rolling shutters at present they offer Z-wave based home automation systems such switch relays and dimmers for lighting, curtain control relays, motion sensors, carbon monoxide sensor, fire sensor, HD cameras and water sensor for residential applications. "Our clients benefit from security and energy saving in addition to experiencing a convenient lifestyle as the result of automated scenarios and remote control of appliances,"he mentions.

Selindus'objectives are met by bringing the right products to the market that offer better lifestyle, improved security and greater comport using automation

An additional advantage that Selindus products render is its functionality without the need of internet connection while the users are around the home. The company's partnership with European manufacturing firms enables it to leverage its R& D and proven expertise for the customers in the Indian market, thus enabling Selindus to differentiate its products in the home automation sector. Selindus' objectives are met by bringing the right products to the market that offer better lifestyle, improved security and greater comfort using automation. "We use blue ocean strategy as our prime strategic move in order to create demand and eventually create an uncontested market space for our unique products,"he adds.

The Growth
Story Since inception, Selindus has grown more than 500 percent in five years. It has established partners across many states in India in the form of distributors and dealers who represent its products. In the coming years, the team envisions seizing the opportunity in the Indian market by organic growth and diversification into renewable energy for homes especially in the area of cooling and heating. "We are constantly looking to appoint new dealers who can partner with us in the growth. We would like to expand our presence in Middle East. We also aim to launch our own global brand of home and building automation products through our partnership with RYFOM in the U.K. and gain global market share," he concludes.