Sellerfort: King of Discounts

Ruksar Ahmed, Founder

Ruksar Ahmed


The transition in the eCommerce sector has made businesses across various industries have a strong digital presence. Digital Transformation has become an important aspect for businesses in connecting and bonding with their consumers. The key in getting success with digital transformation is to know the competition as well as the needs of the customers. Discounts play a huge role in generating large revenue and increasing the reach in the market. Based in Hyderabad, Telangana, Sellerfort is an amazing startup offering a wide range of deals to its customers all across the country. Sellerfort has positioned itself as the `King of Discounts' for its customers. The company offers great deals in various products and services on their website and mobile app, across several categories. The company is a complete surprise package for its customers when it comes to huge discounts and exciting offers. The customers always get amazed by the offers available on the Sellerfort website.

Safeguarding Customers and Environment
With the growth of eCommerce and few insensitive businesses around the world, there is a lot of waste generation across the globe. This mostly gets dumped on the streets or pits or open areas etc. Domestic/pet animals are also getting affected by this. The environmental cycle also gets disturbed. At Sellerfort, a team of experts researches the life cycle of every
product and suggests the best fit for its customers. The team also ensures that the materials used to build the product are completely recyclable and do not harm the users and the environment. Sellerfort, as a responsible company, is quite particular in choosing its products and brands for its customers. The company knows well to look after its shoppers as well as the environment.

With the motive of creating the future of Digital Transformation in the eCommerce industry, Sellerfort has become the ‘King of Discounts’ for its users

Customers' safety is the company’s top priority. Sellerfort has implemented a set of precautionary measures maintaining social distancing, vigorous disinfecting of premises,temperature checks, protective gear for delivery partners, contactless delivery, etc. to ensure the delivery of packages in the safest way possible during this pandemic.

An Astonishing Journey Rising the Techy Way
The founder, Ruksar Ahmed, has spent almost a decade working in various roles in several businesses like Visual Effects, Film making, Media and Publishing, Agriculture, IT, Finance, Health and Wellness, etc. before venturing into the family business and expanding it to such great heights. Now, Ruksar is available 24x7 to help businesses expand and grow their platforms digitally and have a global presence.

Sellerfort is constantly innovating with its packaging methods and materials for the best unboxing and return experience for its shoppers. A team of experts guarantees that every package is delivered safely on time and in the cheapest way possible. Sellerfort's AI-enabled systems help its users to easily manage and track their orders, product warranties, services, etc. on time to maintain the best user experience with the products and services offered by the company.

The continuously expanding Sellerfort is currently available in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai offering its products and services in a variety of categories like Electronics, Apparel, Toys and Baby Products, Kitchen-ware, Safety and Industrial Equipment, Health and Personal Care, etc. With a team of industry experts offering exclusive seller workshops, training, seller support, and a convenient portal, Sellerfort focuses on educating and empowering the buyers and sellers. Also, joining Sellerfort isextremely easy and free.