SEQATO: Inspired by Technology & Intelligence

Robin Panicker,Co-Founder & CEO

Robin Panicker, Co-Founder & CEO

In this competitive world, first time entrepreneurs Robin Panicker and Susan George have overcome a lot of dramatic challenges to build an impactful venture named SEQATO. Withstanding tough competition, they are busy trekking their way towards the top position in the market. Having learnt a lot from experience, they believe they have now attained the right entrepreneurship skill to make a difference. The first and the foremost concern of the company was to build the right team for making an influential headway and detecting and treating all the deleterious factors that caused hindrance towards its upliftment. Staying updated with the latest trends in cutting edge technologies hasalso been very difficult. To combat this, SEQATO regularly challenges its employees to work on latest technologies and encourages them to come up with quick and innovative solutions. ”In order to produce top quality solutions for our clients, we have to make innovation our culture”, says the co-founder and CEO of SEQATO - Robin Panicker. With the desire to generate optimal yet cost-effective solutions, Robin and Susan have successfully established their company defying all the short-comings.

Moulded with the perspective of
serving the customer’s specific needs, this Kerala based creative-tech startup mainly concentrates in using intelligence (both human and artificial) for creating innovative solutions This enables them in offering their clients with the best consultancy and development services. Robin says,’SEQATO provides full life cycle support for custom software development. We operate in the Telecom, Finance, Healthcare and Education domain, targeting all small, medium and large businesses as well as entrepreneurs.

"SEQATO aims at providing excellent software services to its global clients by utilizing a passionate team of highly motivated and competent individuals."

SEQATO has come way ahead since its establishment. Along with the increase in the revenue and team size, the company has made significant advancement in technology and its realm as well. With time, there have been changes in the management and leadership board. Presently on the management team, they have healthcare domain expert Dr Rejeesh Menon and Strategic Innovation and Product Development expert Mr Mathew Cherian. The management team deem their passion and experience to be their greatest strength and mentor.“Knowing the market and its functionality has helped us a lot’,” mentions Mathew who is also the COO of the company. Being one of the niche technology service providers in town, SEQATO strives to maintain a balance in managing its activity in multiple areas and keeping the clients contented. To execute this objective, the company makes sure that their workforce analyses and understands the client’s
requirements and propose the most optimal solution that is appropriate for the use case. ‘While working on something we need to take into account a number of things like considering the time zone, cultural differences and so and forth, says the Co-founder and CFO of SEQATO, Susan George.

The Future Strategies
SEQATO is dedicatedly opting to be a company developing custom solutions regardless of technology and domain. The creators of the company are also planning to expand their reach to other domains as well. They believe that with the right team and strategy there will be no delay in achieving the grail. ‘We have charted out a road map to ensure that our high quality and timeline adherence remains consistent. We also plan to expand into more countries soon’ Susan asserts.

Being a startup themselves, SEQATO encourages all other entrepreneurs to believe in self, take risks, drive initiatives and give shape to great innovative ideas. Moreover, one who is opting to foster such a conception must not only have a strong determination but must have enormous patience as well. ‘There are many risk factors in such ventures. Returns may not be immediate and there can be other hurdles too. So it is necessary that the aspirant has stability, profound knowledge about the technology and the clients that they are dealing with’, Susan adds.

In a nutshell, SEQATO has been a true champion in setting an example for budding startups. Considering its prodigious progressions it can rightly be regarded as the titlist in its field, posing as an inspiration to many young aspirants.