Sequantix: Leveraging AI To Accelerate Businesses

Arun Raj ,CEO & Director

Arun Raj

CEO & Director

Digital transformation has prgressed from a board-room buzzword to a critical strategic priority, but the industry is still in its infancy. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being infused into the world around us at an exponential rate. The demand for AI-integrated systems is rising across India due to rapid digitization in various industries. Artificial intelligence is helping businesses access, analyze and use their data to im-prove business processes and decision-making and create new revenue streams.

India's artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to witness a growth of 20 percent over the next five years, and the country is among the top three talent markets. Most executives trust that AI is essential to their company's success today, and to compete in the fast-moving world, quick implementation of AI/ML becomes a high-priority action item. Established in 2020, Sequantix is a transformative AI-Technology company helping the world solve complex business problems and improve efficiency with cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Data quality, scale infrastructure and sensitivity or risks are the significant barriers for enterprises to large-scale AI adoption. Providers also fail to develop minimum viable products (MVP), a product with enough features designed for early users and receiving feedback, due to a lack of infrastructure, tools and skills in data science. Sequantix is an AI-born and driven company solving business problems, which in turn helps businesses to better their topline. The company focuses on increasing
the adoption of applications and provides insights on how these applications are used by the employees or the public, increasing the adoption of the applications by the organization. "We use surrogate modelling to safely and cost-effectively model and solve real-world problems on massive data sets, optimizing business outcomes and informing the next best steps. We believe this is in our DNA, which drives our customers with digital transformation", speaks Arun Raj, CEO & Director, Sequantix.

Making the Best of Technology
Sequantix Office 365 Distribution List (DL) Automate integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to provide a secure way to create and manage Distribution Lists and generate instant reports at the click of a button. Sequantix, for its managed service clients, handles their IT department for a fixed monthly price and takes full ownership; however, other than DL automation, Sequantix has two different products. Adoptly is a unified platform to increase the adoption of applications along with the optimization of software spending.

It improves digital adoption without substantial efforts and increases user retention and engagement in any digital software. Customer Support BOT (Voice and Chat) is a technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) with natural language processing to emulate human conversation. These bots can converse with people using text or speech. "We have products which efficiently uses AI to transform the business, and we are Microsoft Gold partner and manage the enterprise cloud for large enterprises on Azure space", says Arun.

We have products which efficiently uses AI to transform the business, and we are Microsoft Gold partner and manage the enterprise cloud for large enterprises on Azure space

Sequantix was initially established small, has slowly grown to 50+ engineers and 30+ direct customers, and is now a brand in the AI space with three products deployed in multiple enterprises. Sequantix mainly works for Banking and Financial, IT/ITes, Telecom and Healthcare verticals and masters products for these domains with AI. Using its AI framework, the company creates effective AI and automation solutions that specialize in clients' organization's needs.

Sequantix will focus more on its products than services, and Adoptly will be one of its primary focuses as AI is going far beyond simply searching through historical data to predict the future. Businesses can now perform extremely complex multivariate analyses capable of discovering new ways and methods to achieve desired results.