Shabdi Jobs Consultancy: Connecting Aspirations

Mohammed Sirajuddin Soherwardi, Founder

India is growing along with the world and examples are being set up every day. Various entrepreneurial mindsets are coming into light and the startup revolution is carried forward. Mohammed Sirajuddin Soherwardi a.k.a Siraj Shabdi has always aspired to flourish from his own business but hailing from a struggling middle class family had no capital to start up with. He realized that to get others to work under him, first he had to work under others. After that he gave 6 years to corporate companies in the recruitment processes of HR departments. He couldn’t afford to start from Bangalore so he established his company in home town with a vision to reach international recruitment market which was considered impossible to penetrate but if you have a will and a great support, impossible become possible.

“This is how Shabdi jobs services was established in (Gulbarga City) Karnataka State, India on 13th March 2013 with an impression to support job seekers of Gulbarga and neighbouring cities by deploying them to good companies around India”, states Shiraj Shabdi, Founder, Shabdi Jobs Consultancy.

Accepting the Challenges
Ms. Radhika Guttedar who has joined Shabdi from the day one and
her with her team continuous efforts lead Shabdi Jobs to enter in International Market. When the company realised that the only option for Qatar hospitality employers is to hire candidates from the Asian regions because of affordable salary slabs, it immediately surveyed to understand which are other nationalities from Eastern European that can be fit to client standards and how the deployment can process take place from Eastern Europe to Qatar. “After a month survey and empanelment with European agencies now Shabdi Jobs have been known as the only recruitment agency in Qatar deploying candidates from Eastern Europeans under the same salary budget offered to Asian nationalities”, states Tahseen Mohammed Zardi, Business Director and Partner, Shabdi & Zardi (Shabdi Jobs Consultancy, Qatar).

"Shabdi Jobs is looking forward to expand services to other middle-east countries like OMAN, KUWAIT, UAE, BAHRAIN & SAUDI ARABIA"

Added to the above, the company has conducted several massive interview drives in India, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri lanka, Morocco, Tunis and coming April, 2019, it has schedule interview drives in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Albania and Ukraine.

The Functioning Inside
As a company, Shabdi Consultancy believes in a work-life balance and also participates in social work. During the recent floods in Kerala, it participated in full strength to arrange necessary material and dispatch two containers from Qatar. All employees are at liberty to discuss everything openly and also contribute their suggestions.
“The company has started with two staff and now we are currently at (12) on the floor in just 2 years. The team supports each other for all ongoing projects. For example if there is a delivery pending then everyone pitches in”, asserts Apoorva Pandey, Head of Operations.

As far as business operations are concerned, the primary USP of this company isthe pricing structure and nationalities. It has one of the lowest rates in the market along with a smooth and flexible payment structure. The eye for the right candidate for the right position acts as the prime forte for Shabdi Jobs Consultancy which in turn also reduces the risk of attrition. Siraj states, “A lot of Planning, work, strategies, went into those initial months. Clients did test runs with us and liked our services and went on to retain us. Qatar is a growing market with plenty of projects underway which will require talent across all skill-sets. The key will be to identify such growth opportunities.”

The Future Ahead
In the last two years the growth has been tremendous and currently the company is at a comfortable turnover with a satisfying ROI. It is looking forward to expand services to other middle-east countries like OMAN, KUWAIT, UAE, BAHRAIN & SAUDI ARABIA. It is not only connected to South-Asian counties but also to East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and several others. The founder concludes, “We want to continue growing taking on new projects while developing scope of business. We are expanding to meet the demands of our clients and have created a very structured roadmap.”