Shanadzzar: The Hybrid Model to Integrated Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions

Amit Asthana,Managing Director

Amit Asthana

Managing Director

For global sustainability plans, the supply chain plays a key role today for any industry. Growing at a CAGR of 9.7 percent between 2010-2015, the $160 billion industry is expected to touch $330 billion by 2020. These astounding figures though hide the fact that the logistics industry in India is fragmented and under developed at the moment. The logistic providers in our country provide services at high costs and lack focus on integration thus miss adding value in the chain. This is where Shanadzzar stands out as mix of global and local logistics paradigms by providing one-stop-solution for all the logistics requirements with its main focus in optimizing operations and executing supply chain integration to gain competitive advantage for its customers. There is huge emphasis on collaborating with the domestic asset heavy partners, the idea is to not REINVENT THE WHEEL at customer’s cost.

Overview of Services

Shanadzzar was founded in 2016 by Amit Asthana (Managing Director), Shanadzzar is a global supply chain
focused logistics solutions provider which uses a B to B platform. Amit being the part of core management team in various MNC’s and an Indian conglomerate since 1999 has witnessed a lot of logistical challenges due to economic upturns and downturns , his passion grew in building a world class supply chain ecosystem in India to support our economy. The company started its operations in Mumbai and Delhi and has plans to expand its operations in Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, within 2nd Quarter of 2017.

By bringing innovation in thoughts, processes and technology, Shanadzzar envisions to become a global leader in connecting businesses across national & international boundaries

With Integrated Logistics as a flagship product, the company provides the complete range of land operations, international air and ocean freight forwarding, container freight station services, coastal shipping and consultancy, contract logistics services and domestic distribution. Shanadzzar’s services focus on specialized verticals like health care & pharma, chemicals, automotive, industrial , fashion, retail and e-Commerce.

Unique Model of Service
By bringing innovation in thoughts, processes and technology, Shanadzzar has a clear vision to become a world leading service provider connecting businesses across national & international boundaries. The company has a unique model of SUPPLIER FINANCING which includes picking up the cargo from the supplier identified and decided by the customer, holding the cargo in Shanadzzar’s Warehouse and then door deliver the cargo , a single invoice is issued for all services this makes it easy and hassle free operations for the customers . “Our services are customer centric and are cost-effective. Because of this integrated business model we have saved almost 12-15 percent of the total expected cost of logistics incurred by our current customers,” says Amit.

Going Forward

Team Shanadzzar constitutes of determined and passionate professionals who have global experience in logistics industry and have worked with the top MNCs designing logistics solutions globally and locally as well in India. Shanadzzar, with its advanced technology platform, now plans on offering seamless data exchange, providing internet track and trace, and unlocking extensive global shipping and airline network to help its clients. Shanadzzar also hopes to generate Rs.100 crores in revenue by the end of 2018 financial close. “Shanadzzar will continuously strive to build products which will add value to global supply chain system”, adds Amit.