Shareloan: Navigating the Complexities of the Financial Landscape with Expert Lending Services

Jatin Khanna,   Founder

Jatin Khanna


Bearing loans can be hectic, and finding the right lender can be even more challenging. Understanding each of the numerous loan alternatives and their accompanying terms is often difficult as it contains many attributes, such as the interest rate and different schemes associated with it. To help with this people usually look for consulting firms that can help them with everything. Finding the right loan consulting firm can make a significant difference when it comes to obtaining a loan. Shareloan a company established in Delhi is India’s first Loan against shares & securities aggregator platform. Established in January 2019, the firms LAS Calculator is entirely online, providing the best quotes from multiple lenders with the click of a button even for loan application and approval.

Challenges are an inevitable part of doing business. Shareloan, a budding digital lending platform, has had its fair share of obstacles in its journey toward growth and expansion. The ever-changing landscape of technology has been a significant hurdle for the firm, as it directly impacts customer behaviour. Nevertheless, Shareloan's unique approach to lending against securities and bonds has made it to stand out in the digital lending market, which is currently booming in India due to the post COVID-19 digital norm. “As Share loan continues to evolve, its next
challenge is to meet the growing customer demand for personalized, intelligent services. To tackle this, Shareloan has put together a team of experts dedicated to guiding customers through their loan against shares journey from identifying the best lender to completing documentation”, speak Jatinkhanna. This approach has helped Shareloan earn the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Shareloan helps to navigate the complex world of borrowing, ensuring that users make informed decisions & secure the best possible financing options for their needs without selling their investment portfolio

Shareloan web platform offers a range of services to help individuals and businesses secure the funding they need. The firm also funds LIC and select private life insurance policies, Gold Deposit Bonds, National Savings Certificates, Mutual funds, and ETFs with the partner lenders. Along with these, the loan application procedure is made easier and quicker by working with lenders who provide loans with minimal documentation needs, and the loans are often even approved quickly. “Shareloan helps to structure the loan in a way that best suits the client’s financial needs, taking into account factors such as interest rates and collateral requirements. To make the work more convenient, the firm provides access to a network of lenders through the platform, designed to show the best offers available from multiple lenders", speaks Jatin Khanna, Founder, Shareloan.

What separates Shareloan from the pool of other web platforms is its client centric approach and broad network of lenders. The firm’s collaboration with some of the best Lending partners for Shareloan is expected to be a turning point for the company. Shareloan’s parent company, Blackswan Securities has had consistent revenues since its inception in the first year and has also on boarded some foreign investors in 2020 and provided financial consultancy for their equity portfolios, even at the peak time of COVID.

For the future roadmap, the firm’s main goal is to continue to expand its range of loan products and services. The firm plans to do this by staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and working closely with its clients to understand their changing needs. As more and more lending processes move online, the firm recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve in this area.