Shevolve: India's First Women-Only Mentoring Platform That is Transforming Leadership for Women

Deepa Vijayaraghavan,   FounderThere is no denying that mentoring has an important place and can have a powerful impact. The collaborative, knowledge-sharing relationship between a mentor and a mentee can make remarkable differences where important and honest feedback is exchanged. Companies who encourage mentoring also see results when these synergistic relationships work. 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies have mentorship programs in place and it is very relevant especially in today’s hybrid workspace.

Uniquely positioned in this space is Shevolve, India’s first mentoring platform for women with over 20000+ members focusing on elevating diversity and women leaders with the simple objective to 'Lift as we rise'. Their customized programs connect startups, working women and returnees with industry experts, technology specialists and investors with 1:1 sessions through subscription programs, integrated mentoring incubation and inclusivity initiatives. The programs are designed based on real-world problems, understanding workplace culture, and upskill ard & soft skills to kickstart their journey with confidence and vigor.

Shevolve is a femtech platform started by women and firmly believes that powerful allies can advocate for women leaders everywhere. According to Deepa Vijayaraghavan, Founder, “ Our platform

promotes true allyship leading to an intentional commitment to using your voice, credibility, knowledge, place, or power to support women in leveling the playing field. With access to mentors from around the globe, your career or entrepreneurship journey can begin or restart the right way with the proper guidance”.

Shevolve’s subscription plans are developed through their patented evaluation index that ensures that working women and aspiring entrepreneurs are provided with a mentor that is the best fit, ensuring holistic, relatable, practical and objective results. The need for a mentoring platform focusing on only women drives motivation to enable a workforce of women leaders, empathetic solutions for women specific career roadblocks, fighting bias and encouraging diversity through emotional intelligence and a community of women who grow as they rise.

Their customized subscriptions are designed based on real world problems, understanding workplace culture & upskill hard & soft skills to kick-start their new entrepreneurship or career journey

Shevolve’s Mentoring for Women Subscription ensures 1:1 mentors that provide a clear roadmap professionally and emotionally, customized courses that are relevant to an individual’s vision board and access to like-minded communities, programs and champions of entrepreneurship and diversity. With monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions, Shevolve ensures that an individual’s simple but life altering questions are answered, hand-held and supported through their career journey.

Bhaduri Saravanakumar, CTO & Co-Founder adds, “We have three sets of subscriptions which we offer for our community, which covers women entrepreneurs and mid-career women as well as women who are returning back to work after a break. Evolved Her is our integrated mentoring incubation program for women entrepreneurs and womenled startups with specialized boot camps where we try to help them to transform digitally and also help them to build a network to scale their business”.

The future roadmap for Shevolve is to build a community of women leaders with less than 10% women leaders currently in India. They hope to enable all kinds of women, at different phases of their career to grow, flourish and rise. They are also looking to develop their mobile app where a community of mentors and mentees can be created who interact with each other and also build their subscription programs as online modules.