Shivanjali Malik: Holding Your Hand through Every Legal Procedure with Comprehensive & Cost-effective Solutions

 Shivanjali Malik,  FounderWhile the thrill of starting a business can be invigorating, it also comes with a set of challenges. One of the most significant challenges for startups and small businesses is accessing legal, CA, and CS services. Navigating the complexities of legal and financial regulations can be overwhelming, especially for new business owners who may not have the experience or resources to handle them. Even for those who recognize the importance of seeking out professional assistance, finding the right legal consultancy can be a daunting task. There could be many options available, but not all legal is affordable, or well-equipped for start-up scenarios. In our quest of finding such trustworthy service providers, we encountered Shivanjali Malik and her company Dastawezz a comprehensive and flourishing law firm that focuses on Legal, CA, and CS services for startups, SMEs, and individuals in India and globally.

By offering cost-effective and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, Dastawezz helps small businesses overcome the challenges they face in accessing legal and financial services. From helping new businesses navigate the legal requirements of incorporation to providing ongoing support as they grow and evolve, Dastawezz is a partner that small businesses can count on every step of the way.

The Start of a Legacy
Every crisis is an opportunity! COVID-19 surely had negatively impacted the global economy and workers, but for a few aspirants, it became an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and pursue great things. Similar became the journey of Shivanjali. As a student, Shivanjali got trained with top-tier law firms through internships. After graduating from Gujarat National Law University in 2020, her initial plan was to join a company. However, due to the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, she started working as a retainer on different contracts, where she discovered the gap in the market for affordable legal services for startups. This led to the inception of Dastawezz in 2021. “One of the significant challenges startups face is finding lawyers who understand the specific requirements of startups. Traditional lawyers lack the expertise needed to help startups with their
legal needs, leaving entrepreneurs with a limited number of professionals to choose from. Moreover, highly reputed law firms typically handle cases from well-known corporations, leaving many small businesses or newly formed startups unable to afford legal assistance", she shares.

Dastawezz's mission is to make legal assistance accessible to entrepreneurs at every stage of their company journey. The company has served over 200 startups in different industries such as fintech, real estate, edtech, beauty, gaming, and more across seven countries, including the US, UK Australia, Russia, New Zealand, and India.

The Brainchild
Dastawezz is a pioneering legal tech startup; focusing on helping small businesses and individuals from the comfort of their homes. The company is revolutionizing the provision of affordable legal services to startups and SMEs. The company aims to bridge the gap in the market by providing tailored legal services to emerging firms. It has curated a network of highly skilled lawyers, Chartered Accountants, and Company Secretaries who specialize in a range of domains for startups and individuals, including IPR, compliances, documentation, litigation, advising, and structuring various business models for different countries, providing personalized services, among others. From registration and licensing to drafting and vetting agreements, trademarks, copyright, taxation advisory, accounting, valuation, and even connecting them with investors for fundraising, they want to offer a comprehensive range of services.

Dastawezz has grown exponentially carving a niche for itself in the industry & has amassed over 200 clients spread across six countries in just two years

The company understands that starting a new business can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to navigating the legal aspects of it. Therefore, they offer the first consultation call at no cost to potential clients to understand their needs and guide them toward the right solution.

Dastawezz prides itself on offering premium level services tailored to the needs of its clients. Their lawyers have extensive experience working with big firms and companies, and they incorporate their knowledge and expertise into the quality of work they provide. They believe that their pricing is competitive while still maintaining the same level of quality compared to Tier-I law firms.

The company’s shortterm goal is to expand its network of lawyers globally and increase its client base. They aim to engage with startups in more countries and help them with filings and other legal requirements. At Dastawezz, there is a strong commitment to educating young founders on legal concerns that many are unfamiliar with. To this end, the company provides quality content creation on social media and organizes free sessions, on various legal subjects to simplify their entrepreneurial journey.

Wise Words by Shivanjali
"To aspiring entrepreneurs and lawyers in India, it's essential to remember that hard work and persistence are key in this field. Despite the ups and downs that will inevitably arise, it's important to keep the bigger picture in mind and stay focused on your goals. When starting a career, you may have to put in long hours and sacrifice weekends, but staying dedicated and committed to your vision will ultimately pay off. And remember, if I could do it in difficult times like a pandemic, you can do it too", shares Shivanjali.