Shomish: All-Inclusive Platform For Government Job Exams

Susanta Shome,  Executive Chairman & CEO

Susanta Shome

Executive Chairman & CEO

In January 2019, SusantaShome, a philomath a lover of learning and education and an electronics and communication engineer, set his sights on building an artificial intelligence-enabled mock test portal for Government job exams. Prior to that, Shome had worked in the Telecom and IT industries in India and Africa, followed by founding a coaching institute in Agartala, Tripura. Shome’s diverse experience of 17 years, tech savviness, and a strong desire to build an affordable yet highly effective platform for Government job aspirants led to the inception of Shomish in 2021.

Tripura based Shomish offers a technologically advanced, user-friendly app for aspirants of various Government job exams, including TPSC, SSC, TCS/ TPS, TET, Banking, Railways, Defence, and so forth. The app comprises live and recorded classes, complete study material, daily news highlights, current affairs, mock tests, live tests, job notifications and other exciting features.

“Shomish guarantees 360-degree exam preparation at an affordable cost. Besides, It is constantly looking to update and add new features to the platform to cater to more
central Government and state Government job examinations”, states Shome, executive chairman and CEO at Shomish. The company also offers a few free courses and low-cost hard-copy notes in various local languages.

Although the full-fledged software development for Shomish began in November 2020, the company launched its app only in February 2022. Since then, the app has registered over 5000 downloads within four months. “We started generating revenue from May 2022 onwards – more than a month earlier than our expectations. That is a testament to positive feedback from aspirants and the consistently increasing number of users,” adds Shome.

Shomish guarantees 360-degree exam Preparation at an Affordable cost

Along with Shome, the core leadership driving Shomish’s all-round development includes TushishKar, a Maths graduate with 13 years of experience in competitive exam preparation, and PradiptaBiswas – a digital marketing, graphic design, and video editing expert. Shomish has won the nationallevel Octane 2.0 and Chunauti 2.0 competitions. Furthermore, the international jury at Wadhwani Foundation has certified Shomish as a REAL VENTURE with a high potential to become a successful business.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has helped ed-tech startups grow faster than ever, assuring students and parents that online education can be effective too. Today, although the pandemic is almost over and the world has restored normalcy, people still like and have got used to online learning, which boosts our chances to sustain and grow in the market,” explains Shome. With its operations currently limited to the state of Tripura, Shomish plans to expand all over the North East and West Bengal in a few months.

Scalable technology and native app development enable Shomish to upgrade its offerings as and when required. By August 2022, the company plans to increase the total number of courses on its platform to 25. Furthermore, Shomish has started working on creating various online academic courses, which the company plans to launch in 2023. “With the help of experienced teachers and modern technology, Shomish will continue to provide affordable online education to students and job aspirants,” concludes Shome.