Shoppeal: Pioneer in e-Learning Startups

Sudhanshu Singh,  Founder & CEO

Sudhanshu Singh

Founder & CEO

The education sector is evolving globally, creating growth opportunities for the eLearning market. The sudden outbreak of coronavirus, which resulted in the closure of schools and colleges, has accelerated the requirement for alternative online solutions to continue classroom sessions. This factor has encouraged companies to increase their
R&D investments for launching innovative eLearning solutions to cater to the rising demand. Therefore, it can be said that the COVID-19 pandemic had a positive impact on the eLearning industry’s revenue. On the other hand, it is also true that the majority of eLearning platforms are charging very high amount of fees which many students are not able to afford it. Also, students from different streams have a different kinds of course requirement.

Shoppeal is a well-known digital startup firm founded in 2021 that provides students with career-relevant tech programs and companies with IT services at affordable prices. To cater to this growing demand, Shoppeal is focusing on developing customized learning solutions. The firm has envisioned a bright future for students globally by delivering highly flexible, attractive, and effective learning solutions. Shoppeal has expanded its offering which includes Shoppeal eLearning,Shoppeal (VIP), and Shoppeal Delight. It is an officially
MSME-registered startup that offers career-relevant programs for students and IT services. “We firmly believe in making our youth, especially the students selfaware by exploring the untouched world of technology and tremendous growth-making fields”, says Sudhanshu Singh, Founder & CEO, Shoppeal.

Quality Education at an Affordable Rate
Shoppeal has deeply analyzed the market in the initial five months of its establishment. Shoppeal Provide remote learning to their students and remote work to their interns as well globally so that they can learn and work from anywhere throughout the world. The firm provides realtime skill development and ondemand support to its interns. They can get help during the projects and improve their skills with time. Shoppeal teaches web development, App development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Python, Mean and Mern Stack, and more.

We firmly believe in making our youth, especially the students self-aware by exploring the untouched world of technology and tremendous growthmaking fields

Every month Shoppeal offers a virtual internship program for students in different domains. Shoppeal believes to provide quality education at an affordable rate to every student. The company is also working in the direction to provide free-of-cost classes to students who belong to the economically weaker section of society. It continuously focuses on research and development and tries to fill the gap between students and
eLearning platforms.

Since the expanding telecom & broadband sector has increased the accessibility to economical internet connectivity plans, the company believes that rising internet penetration across the globe will drive the growth of the eLearning industry. Also, after proper training, it has plans to provide placements as well to its students in big and reputed MNCs. The firm is looking forward to launching many courses related to artificial intelligence and machine learning in the near future. The company is aiming to build a global community for the students so that they can interact with each other and exchange their ideas related to development. Shoppeal also aims to build an E-learning platform for students where they can have quality education at affordable prices in the tech industry.