Shreeji Oils: Promising Natural & Chemical-free, Traditionally Made Edible Oils

Vrushali D. Gadre,   FounderThe global cold-pressed oil market size was valued at $24.62 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach $36.40 billion by 2026. India's market for edible oils manufactured by traditional methods is roughly around 10 percent of the overall consumption, of which approximately 3-4 percent is currently serviced. With the trend of consumers becoming more and more health conscious, the market for oils manufactured by traditional methods is only growing bigger and bigger. Shreeji Oils, an Indian company, is the leading specialist manufacturer of high quality coldpressed oils using fresh Indian grown produce.

Cold-pressed oils are a traditional practice that started somewhat during the Indus valley civilization of crushing the oil-bearing seeds to extract oil people are swearing by it in recent times for its numerous benefits. Cold pressed oils are purer and healthier compared to regular oils. Shreeji Oils strives to provide consumers with the best quality of cold pressed oils, making itself synonymous with quality and purity by committing to 100 percent purity. Its oil extraction unit is based in Thane and Palghar, and its office in Thane ensures fresh and pure products made in pollution-free environments are available quickly and hassle-free. Shreeji Oils started as a small company in Thane and has now
expanded to Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Sambhaji Nagar, Kalyan, and Dombivali. With the help of its associates and courier partners, it has expanded to neighboring states of Gujarat, Goa and Karnataka. It boasts a client list of noted personalities, including but not limited to the Ex-President of India, IAS and IPS officers, and former Miss World, proving its commitment to purity. "We focus on chemical-free process and good seeds quality”, speaks Vrushali D. Gadre, Founder, Shreeji Oils.

Shreeji Oils strives to provide consumers with the best quality of cold pressed oils, making itself synonymous with quality and purity by committing to 100 percent purity

Commitment to quality
With a diverse and unique range of products, state-of-the-art press, and filtration technology, and unparalleled technical capabilities, Shreeji Oils provides consistent quality cold pressed oil products and services. Its coldpressed oils include groundnut, sunflower, coconut, sesame, black sesame, mustard, flaxseed, walnut, sweet almond, castor and Khurasani oil. The traditional 'lakdighana' extraction process using the best quality seeds gives pure, chemical free cold pressed oils. "Our only mission and vision is delivering good quality and good service, giving access to a happy and healthy life”, adds Vrushali D. Gadre.

Shreeji Oils commits to quality, and to showcase this, it provides live extraction of oil from seeds supplied by customers to compare the quality of oil sold by it and that extracted from customers' seeds, increasing brand loyalty and supporting its vision. Shreeji Oils are used by some cancer hospitals and many ayurvedic doctors. While starting, the company's motive was to empower women and provide a secure platform for growth. Today 90 percent of its staff is female, 50 percent of vendors are women, and almost 90 percent of its associates are women, handling their house chores and the business. Today it is known for its quality, recognized by 91.1 FM radio, social media, and local newspapers like Thane Vaibhav and facilitated with an award by Mrs. Fadnavis.

Shreeji Oils envisions itself to be the preferred partner in enhancing the taste, health, and economics of its customer's products. Its goal is to spread awareness and educate people regarding cold-pressed oils.