Shristi Learning Services: Business Consulting & Training Services

Premlatha Nair,   Co-Founder

Premlatha Nair, Co-Founder

SLS commenced its operations in May 2018, a time when Kumaran and Premlatha came together with a need to align corporates to meet their goals in the training space. “Being a soft skills trainer my passion for training is always there and after being in the training industry for 25 years there was nothing more thought provoking as a business entity that I wanted to start than the training space. Kumaran also comes with over 23 years of experience from a similar line. Through my rich experience and expertise I have in the training industry, we are able to understand and meet the customer’s demand as per the industry standards,” speaks Premlatha Nair, Co-Founder.

The corporate training industry, at present, is going through a lot of changes. Technology and its practices are undergoing a quick transformation and in order to meet this demand, training is becoming more and more essential in all organizations. Organizations are now inclining towards digital content so that the employees can have the freedom of learning on demand – any time, anywhere. The need of the hour is to be dynamic and more strategy driven to meet
customers demand and provide quality driven solutions.

Ideally fitting into the picture is Bangalore based Shristi Learning Services (SLS) that delivers Business Consulting and Training services in the area of IT and non-IT solutions to a wide spectrum of clients across the country. The company develops online customized solutions based on individual needs and the industry they belong to. “We at SLS are equipping ourselves to meet this demand through our trainers and consultants who are very well equipped with the demands of the industry from time to time. We are delivering training virtually across the globe today to meet the changing demands of the industry,” says PRT Kumaran, CEO.

SLS delivers Business Consulting and Training solutions in the area of IT, Behavioral & Higher Education to a wide spectrum of clients across the country

Gaining a Competitive Edge
Training business is an ideal business today as long as the services offered have an inelastic demand. SLS understands this and ensures that its training programs have continuous learning plan drawn post the training which leaves every individual with an enriching learning experience.“We prefer not to position SLS as a training company but to focus on training and development which not only highlights the current aspects of the requirement of the employee and company but moulds the employee for meeting the future demands he or she will face in the career progression path,” she says.
With trainers who have 5-30 years of experience, the company offers customized training solutions to all its partners (clients) in the IT technology space which includes programs right from the vanilla skills to CISCO, IBM, Google, AWS, Machine Learning and all other upcoming niche technologies. SLS offers programs to corporates in soft skills, Leadership,Team building & Retail Programs. We enable employees at corporates to take up executive programs from top B-Schools which includes, IIM, XLRI, Wharton, among others through our executive learning programs for their career growth and individual development.” She Says.

For colleges(Engineering, MBA & Degree), SLS offers placement grooming sessions which help students face the corporate world with confidence. “As we work with corporates, we are able to understand the demand of the industry. We groom students in Aptitude& Soft skills through a structured curriculum as per the need of the industry she asserts.

Over the years, team SLS has grown from a two-member team to a six-member team. Revenue-wise, it has grown with an average of 20 per cent YoY. “We started as a corporate training company focusing on the south market but we are now serving pan India clients. For the Retail industry we are doing training’s such us new store openings, store manager, customer service, career progression etc…. Also, we are in the process of productizing our offerings which we will soon offer to corporates in the Leadership training space,” she concludes.