Shyplite: Single Window Shipping Platfrom Integrated with Multiple Carriers

Parinay Itkan, Sugam Jain & Nisschal Jaain,Co-FoundersLogistics in India is a tough domain, primarily due to the high density populated cities and the geographical challenges across the country. Although the infrastructure is developing at a rather faster pace, it doesn't help tackle the problem of remote reach cost effectively. With the level of internet penetration PAN India, tier3 & tier4 have become lucrative markets for e-commerce companies creating a massive scope for delivery services companies. Adding to the traditional delivery services, the market now demands innovative delivery services with buyers having the option to choose shipping speed, mode or option for flexible timing deliveries etc for domestic shipments. With an entire generation of youth who have never seen a landline or a desktop computer, the opportunity is limitless.

Seizing this opportunity is Delhi based Shyplite, a one stop logistics solution and automation platform enabling shippers to efficiently manage their logistics by providing a single window "shipping gateway" integrated with multiple carriers. Shyplite offers single pricing for all integrated carrier partners, relying on its backend algorithm KREYA to allocate carriers to all shipments. This allocation continuously measures carrier performance, assigning shipments to the highest performing carrier for any given pin code across India thereby trying to achieve maximum efficiency in all shipments. The company's focus is to provide shippers with maximum reach and move each shipment through the right carrier and by the correct type of service which is optimum by both speed and cost within minimum processing time.

"Shyplite enables shippers to efficiently manage their logistics by providing a single-window "shipping gateway"

The Genesis Of Shyplite
Shyplite is the brainchild of Sugam Jain and Parinay Itkan the two passionate entrepreneurs. Sugam set up his e-commerce store in late 2014 in the baby products and toy category. Selling the products on all major e-commerce marketplaces, he was able to scale it to 150+ orders per day. Despite the steps forward, the growth was slowed down as most of his time went on to manage the logistics part. He tried to find a solution but all existing solutions did not fit the business'requirement. Soon, Sugam joined hands with his college friend Parinay and his cousin Nisschal to introduce a service centric logistics solution/platform for retailers. "It's just a pain area that we identified existing players were not tapping properly. The medicine was just not right," says Sugam. This marked the beginning of Shyplite in 2015.

Initially, Shyplite was brought into action keeping in mind the e-commerce deliveries. In the past four years of its journey, the platform and the company has evolved from providing only e-commerce related services to delivering bulk shipping and international shipping services. "With our combined experiences, we have been able to make a place in an already competitive market. In the next 3-5 years, we see Shyplite as any business' first choice for logistics to use for their business," mentions Sugam. Since the beginning, Parinay has taken care of the operations, marketing and sales role while Sugam has managed the tech, finance and other business functions. Nisschal is involved with the broader strategy, planning and management along with both of them.

An Array Of Services
Shyplite is engrossed in devising strategies to assists clients in matters related to delivery services, shipments and others. The shipper dashboard and services have been designed keeping in mind shipper's ease of business along with a wide bouquet of shipping services offered like Express shipping, Bulk/Surface Shipping, International Shipping and specialized services like Next Day Delivery. "Currently most of small to medium businesses in the country (more than 70 percent by volume) work on completely manual processes when it comes to handling of logistics which acts as a hindrance to operational efficiency and scaling and it takes a lot of time of the retailer to manually book, track and manage all these shipments with multiple courier/logistic companies. What we are essentially trying to do is provide businesses
with a platform to eventually centralize digitize and automate their entire logistics process and save time and make the process hassle free,"informs Parinay.

Shyplite is engrossed in devising strategies to assists clients in matters related to delivery services, shipments and others

The company primarily caters to the e-retailers besides offline retailers, manufacturers and distributors. The users include people across different categories & size of business be it housewives or students selling through social media or established e-commerce websites and corporate brands. To keep pace with the continually changing customer expectations, the team relentlessly gathers business feedback on not just their services but their businesses. They assess the logistical needs of the client's business and try to curate products. "So far, we have been successful in meeting customer expectations and we are currently piloting two experimental services which we hope to launch in early 2020,"he adds.

An Edge Over Others
What makes the company stand out in the crowd is its product and services. Being sellers themselves, all of the products are designed from the perspective of a seller. In the course of their work, the team has received a lot of positive feedback about the easy and intuitive usability of the platform. "In terms of services, it is the simple single pricing we offer, along with 10+ courier partners, automated carrier selection, automated tracking, reverse logistics and operational support to our clients. With Pitney Bowes and Shyplite joining hands we are extremely aggressive on cross border trade among others and developing a new range of products for the same,"further adds Sugam. "For nearly 100 years, Pitney Bowes has been removing the complexity of mailing for our clients. Now, we are focused on doing the same for shipping. We look forward to continuing to innovate with Shyplite," adds Venkat Rao, Country Director, Pitney Bowes Indian & ASEAN.

"At present, shyplite is registering 100 percent year on year growth in terms of the number of shipments processed and revenue, moving shipments of value worth more than 90 crores"

Backed by a highperforming team of 50+ employees, the company has come a long way from where it began. It houses a lean team with the highest focus on tech, support and operations. Having a flat hierarchy and open seated workspace has enabled a high degree of coordination amongst teams. The company has a shipper first motto which matches up to the work culture of the organization. Also, a highly automated custom-built backend for operations and shipper management allows the teams to be at their productive best.

Venkat Rao, Country Director Indian &
ASEAN, Pitney Bowes

Witnessing A Promising Growth
Incepted in November 2015, the platform went live in June 2016 with a team of 6 people and started gaining traction very early with hitting 1,000 registrations in less than 100 days. At present, the company is registering 100 percent year on year growth in terms of the number of shipments processed and revenue, moving shipments of value worth more than 90 crores. It has also received the "Innovation in delivery Award" at Indian eRetail Awards 2019. The team is all geared up for the future. "We are seeing sellers prefer Direct to Consumer on their e-commerce stores which increases the need of a platform like Shyplite aiming to provide marketplace like logistics support," asserts Sugam. Having already gained good traction with the e-tail community, Shyplite is bringing automation to the highly fragmented and unorganized offline and Omni-channel retail along with many other business support services in collaboration with Pitney Bowes.

The Compleate Feature Of Shyplite
Multi carrier select from hyper local air and surface services from leading carrier partners across india with just one account and prevent the hassle of individual integrations & billing

Batch processing
Book shipments and create labels for all channels at lightning speed with the unified dashboard and bulk processing becomes as easy as it can be!

Heavily Discounted Freight
Use shyplite to get access to special discounted freight. Lower down shipping costs, increase margins, grow and explore e-retailing like never before

Unified Support Channel
Acts as single point of contact for all shipping & post shipping queries. Unified support channel for all carriers

Single Pricings
Top wondering on which carrier to choose for a particular order. Our service level based algorithm automatically selects a carrier for you, at the same rates for all partner carriers

Reverse Order Processing
Book reverse shipments for any order in a single click and our dedicated reverse logistics partners will arrive at customer's doorstep to collect the shipment

No Subscription
Shyplite works on a pay-as-you-go model with no monthly subscription or minimum shipment charges

Ship More, Save More
So you are a rapidly growing store! Subscribe to the loyalty programs to get additional discounts on the existing rates