Sigeeka: Empowering Indian Traditions and Values in a Digital Way

Simmi Kumar,CEOAs famous Australian writer Randa Abdel Fattah said,“We are, at almost every point of our day,immersed in cultural diversity: faces, clothes, smells, attitudes, values, traditions, behaviours, beliefs, rituals.” Interestingly, our country is embellished with endless diversity in terms of languages, religious beliefs, arts, crafts, customs and traditions, which makes it as 'a Mini World.' Even in wearing bangles, which is a main part of Indian women's fashion, there are varieties of customs and traditions involved. Thus, from North Kashmir to South Kanyakumari, people use multiple traditional products according to their occasions and customs. But amidst today’s increasing urbanisation and fast moving life, many Indians are struggling to find their traditional attires, ornaments and other products for respective occasions; both the online and offline stores don't provide much authentic products. This huge necessity for traditional products among millions of Indians as well as many craft enthusiasts around the world motivated, an Indian e-commerce platform to
deliver Indian traditional products at door steps. Simmi Kumar, CEO, Sigeeka shares, “Adored by our country’s craftsmanship and legacy in traditional and local ornaments, silks and other products, Sigeeka wants to bring these Indian Specialties and Uniqueness at a Click away. Sigeeka is an Indian brand that is nurtured by the best creativity, love for Indian traditions and continual customer support.”

"With a strong footprint in 3 tier cities in India, Sigeeka has seen 100 percent growth of visitors as well as 100 percent website conversion rate every month"

With Sigeeka, the team tries to fortify every Indian’s link with Indian heritage. Catering different categories of traditional products such as Jewellery, Ethnic Wear and Accessories, all the products of Sigee ka brand are a subtle representation of Indian values and culture. Simmi adds that, “We aim to make Indian heritage, beauty, rituals and beliefs known to everyone in this world by delivering quality products accord ing to customer needs. Let’s take the example of bangles. Bengali and Bihari married women need Shakhapola, while Lahathi is worn by Bi hari and UP ladies. This brings the big opportunity and Sigeeka stands successful in fulfilling these needs.”

Supported with iOS and Android applications managed by Krishan Kumar and his team, Sigeeka has been marked by their unique style of packaging and quality customer support.“The USP of our company
are our Suppliers, Shopping Style, Shipping, Packaging and Customer Relation. Our strength lies in ability to ship any product from one corner to another in one week. We do have products shipped to 3000 plus pin codes in India. Our first order came from Andhra Pradesh and our most served place is Mumbai,” Simmi explained.

Company receives orders mainly from mobile application or mo bile websites in which 50 percent of orders are repeated orders. With a strong footprint in 3 tier cities in India, Sigeeka has seen 100 percent growth of visitors as well as 100 percent website conversion rate every month. Their supplier chain is very inclusive and diverse; Sigeeka has suppliers from Kolkata for Shakha Pola and Bengali Sindoor and saree suppliers from Coimbatore. "For future," Simmi says, “company wants to widen their product portfolio by adding Solah Shingaar, shingaar for special festivals or rituals like Karwachauth, Var Laxmi Pooja, Teej and many more, all essential traditional adornments for different marriage customs in India and authentic In dian ethnic wear. In the next phase we would like to add Indian traditional handcrafts for men. We will bring Sigeeka as a big brand for all the products related to Indian beauty. For better shopping experience, We are going to enable International shipping and payments in all currencies and also the COD option on our website, while adding more courier partners to make Sigeeka the best.”