Simnovus: Revolutionizing The Cellular Wireless T&M Industry With Efficient Software-Defined Radio Solutions

Saurav Jha,Co-Founder,Uday Parida, Co-Founder & HC Sharma & Vikash Dwivedi, Co-Founders

Saurav Jha


The Global Telecom industry is emerging as one of the high-growth segments which has been witnessing continuous evolution with technologies like Cat-M, Nb-IoT and now 5G. 5G is at a nascent stage and at this point, the Test and Measurement (T&M) equipment and solutions become very essential and crucial. It provides key benefits to the engineering and QA teams of both mobile network operators (MNOs) and network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) in the process of validation and quality assurance. The Indian Government has also launched programs to strengthen this sector and boost the Indian economy. The T&M market has thus increased due to the growing demand in various verticals like IT, Telecom, EdTech, etc.

Uday Parida, Co-Founder

A New Delhi based startup ­ Simnovus, is the first and the only one in the country focused on the Cellular Wireless T&M segment. Simnovus is revolutionizing the Indian T&M industry with its efficient and reasonably priced SDR (Software-Defined Radio) based products and solutions which can run on general purpose hardware. The SDR solutions by Simnovus reduce the intricacy and bring flexibility for the end customers. Being competitively priced, companies can now run parallel test-beds and increase their productivity as opposed to relying on a single unit and time sharing it between several teams.

Since its inception in 2017, Simnovus has magnificently scaled-up its customer base. It's largely because, unlike other international solution providers who provide proprietary hardware-centric solutions, Simnovus offers SDR based products and solutions that are simple, effective, intuitive, and cost-effective.

T&M Services
Simnovus' success mantra lies in applying simple innovation to solve the most complex problems. It's product portfolio includes a UE (User-equipment) Simulator on COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) called
Simnovator, Simnovator Essentials, and Callbox ­ Network Emulator on COTS.

Simnovator can simulate several UEs to mimic the behavior of real-time subscribers/devices and generate realistic traffic towards a 4G/5G base station. It facilitates the NEMs to verify the features, benchmark the capacity and ensure robustness of their products by verifying if it can handle the load infused towards their product (base station). Simnovator aids the MNOs to qualify base station vendors while choosing their preferred supplier. Simnovator Essentials generate diverse application traffic patterns such as voice, video, ftp, http etc to make the test scenarios closer to reality.

(L-R)HC Sharma & Vikash Dwivedi, Co-Founders

The Callbox on the other hand simulates an entire LTE and/or 5G network in a box (COTS) and helps in validation of the functionality and performance of user-equipment and devices. Using Callbox, handover scenarios can be tested in the lab which would otherwise require drive tests on the field. The device / chipset manufacturers are now able to validate their products across all the global operating bands in their lab itself.

Simnovus QA team ensures the quality through rigorous automation, regression, and system test cycles with its domestic QA setup consisting of real 4G and 5G base station and core network. Simnovus follows Agile methodology in delivering features to its clients in phases to guarantee an intermediate solution so that the product doesn't deviate from the expectations. Simnovus doesn't dilute its product's strengths by providing specific customizations. Some esteemed academic institutions like the IIT also use Simnovus' products for research purposes.

Simnovus, the first Indian Startup, offering cellular wireless T&M products and solutions making validation of advanced wireless technology simpler and easier to manage

Team Simnovus
The Founders, Uday Parida and Saurav Jha both possess almost two decades of experience in the cellular wireless domain. Tech-savvy Uday, leads the innovators team, looking after the engineering and the product management, while the business acumen of Saurav drives the customer success and sales teams to achieve best-in-class customer support and high revenue traction. The Director, Vikash Dwivedi's more than a decade of experience in business management, sales-operations and RF engineering guarantees the scaling up of the company's business and financial growth. H C Sharma, Mentor and Founder Director is a seasoned entrepreneur with three decades of experience in various fields like radar technology, electronics, and general management. The Simnovus team comprises of engineers and experts who listen to the customer's requirements and respond to their needs promptly.

Simnovus' clientele includes Radisys, Altran, Octasic, Sterlite etc. Simnovus is planning on an international expansion including sales-operation in the US and channel partners in Singapore, Japan, and Europe. There will be a major product release in March 2021 with enhanced 5G features and user-experience targeting specifically the mobile network operators.