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 Arun Kumar M.G., Co-Founder & Consultant

Arun Kumar M.G.

Co-Founder & Consultant

Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is a critical component of the twenty-first century's technology-driven knowledge economy. Regardless of industry or size, information AI is transforming corporate operations at breakneck speed. Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the way businesses operate and has emerged as one of the most critical aspects of business growth today. While AI is becoming increasingly important, many businesses are beginning to consider taking advantage of this new era of AI concepts. This is where TEEMIFY. AI becomes so important.

'TEEMIFY.AI' is SINNONTEQ IT Consulting's main technology product. TEEMIFY.AI is an AIpowered SaaS platform for businesses that enables them to collaborate with an AI workforce or AI assistants. TEEMIFY is beneficial to businesses of all kinds to reduce costs, increase efficiency, improve team productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. Businesses can use the TEEMIFY workforce in their marketing, sales, customer service, admin, finance, and HR departments. Marketing assistants, sales assistants, customer service assistants, admin assistants, finance assistants, HR assistants, and so on can all be part of the AI workforce. For example, TEEMIFY.AI marketing assistants can communicate with

prospects via email or WhatsApp, qualify leads, and pass them on to the sales team for further action. Conversational automation is the firm's differentiating feature, and the TEEMIFY admin assistant can assist businesses in generating various analytics reports based on conversation.

"TEEMIFY can be integrated with existing IT systems such as CRM or ERP to automate processes based on conversations. CRM or ERP level integrations and automation will benefit large enterprises. SINNONTEQ's unique value lies in Conversational Automation, which can be integrated with existing IT systems like CRM or ERP and automate processes based on conversations. TEEMIFY can be linked to conversational touch points such as WhatsApp Messenger, website chat, email, SMS, Telegram, and so on. TEEMIFY has a subscription-based pricing model; as a result, businesses must only pay for platform usage, which is extremely beneficial to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. TEEMIFY.AI can help various manufacturers like distributors, retailers, service providers, healthcare, education, hospitality, banking, finance, insurance, and other industries", shares Arun Kumar M.G, Co-Founder & Consultant, SINNONTEQ.

SINNONTEQ is a young and dynamic firm that is deeply committed to innovation and digital transformation, founded on May 29, 2015, by Arun Kumar M G and his wife Varoma. SINNONTEQ provides an AI-powered SaaS platform for business growth. The platform includes Whatsapp-GPT connectivity, allowing businesses to contact their clients via different channels such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, and Email with the assistance of AI assistants and human agents. It aids businesses in cost reduction, efficiency, team productivityand customer satisfaction. This platform bodes well for MSMEs, particularly in areas where cost and process efficiency are crucial.

Going forward, SINNONTEQ is planning to leverage AI to customize its products and services to fit the specific demands of individual customers. Similarly, automation is another significant area that the firm is utilizing to optimize its processes and provide clients with faster, more efficient service. Moreover, SINNONTEQ is expanding its IT services portfolio and creative products to address the changing needs of clients across industries. This includes exploring emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. SINNONTEQ plans to grow its global presence by exploring new markets and prospects outside of its home nation, which includes opening new offices and forming partnerships with local enterprises in various countries across the globe.