SION Semiconductors: Going the Extra Mile with Semiconductor Technologies Services

Basheer Boddikonda and Shaestha Shamrin Lepakshi,FoundersIoT has taken new shape and form in the commercial market and the semiconductor is sharing the attention. Every IoT domain manufacturer or designer is on the lookout for a comprehensive semiconductor products and service provider.

Bengaluru headquartered SION Semiconductors offers a wide range of technology services ranging from System design, Firmware development, Chip design, Chip verification, Software development, Product testing, Backend server development & integration and iOS & Android application development, with domains and industries targeting to IoT,AI, Mobile communications, Consumer electronics, Blockchain technology, Industry automation and Aeronautics.

One of the key challenges that companies and users facing today the IoT domain is Data privacy and security of connected IoT devices. Instances of data misuse, identity robbery, ransoms and cybercrimes have increased manifold. A survey revealed that 70 percent of the devices can be hacked without any effort due to poor encryption and backdoors that could allow unauthorized access.

While SION has developed various solutions for many industry problems, it has built inhouse encryption and security technology that can avoid unauthorized access to IOT connected devices to protect identity robbery and invaluable data of customers.
Basheer Boddikonda and Shaestha Shamrin Lepakshi are the masterminds behind SION Semiconductors. While Basheer has over 17 Years of rich experience in Semiconductor domain and was the brain behind many successful product based startups and their acquisitions, Shaestha Shamrin has 10 Years of company operating experience.

SION’s technology services are greatly complemented with its inhouse developed products enabling the customers to achieve quick time to market

“We always focus on catching up with fast paced technologies and in turn deliver high quality services and products to our customers which can enable them step ahead of their competitors”, says Basheer Boddikonda, Founder, SION Semiconductors. Out of their passion, the duo started the organization 8 years ago as a training facility in Hyderabad. And, upon numerous accolades for their innovative practical approachin teaching methodology and with encouragement from various corporate customers, they decided to launch Semiconductors design Services Company in Bangalore in 2015.

Innovative problem solving approach, Passion at Work, Quality client deliverables, Time punctuality and Value addition are the top priorities for the duo, which has consistently brought recurring business and new customers to the company. As an organization, SION has always been dedicated to provide niche services to its customers. The firm’s services are flexible and reasonably priced in the electronics industry. Moreover, SION’s customers have wide range of flexible business models to choose from, such as Offshore Development Center(ODC)model, Contract Staffing, Contract to Hire Staffing, and Partial Technical Consulting with flexible terms. SION’s technology services are greatly complemented with its in-house developed products enabling the customers to achieve quick time to market.

“We are very passionate about technology and thus always try to keep up with it and help our customers develop cutting edgesolutions ahead of competitors”, adds Shaestha Shamrin Lepakshi, Founder, SION Semiconductors.

Currently,SION is the OEM for many Tier-1 companies, and has acquired a wide customer base in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The firm’s headcount has grown from 2 in 2015 to over 50+ in 2019. Over the years, SION has made a remarkable geographical expansion to Singapore and Hyderabad, escalating its revenues by over 20 times. With a strong vision and roadmap ahead, SION is looking forward to extend its footprint to Europe and North America by mid 2020.