Sizer Technologies: Perfecting the Art of Proper Fit

Adam Kaplan,CEO

Adam Kaplan, CEO

Agree to disagree; when it comes to fashion, shoppers encounter a series of difficulties related to purchasing outfits with accurate fit. The unkept secret is that each manufacturer follows a different standard for their sizes which is why it sometimes gets challenging for the shoppers to get the size right. The massive headache of online-returns due to incorrect sizing poses to be one of the key challenges prevalent in the market. between vanity sizing and the sheer number of brands producing women's apparel right now, it's nearly impossible for consumers to find their definitive size across the board. Now that more than ~$300 billion worth of apparel is purchased online each year, sizing has now become a source of epic wastefulness. Customers return an estimated 40 per cent of what they buy online, mostly because of sizing issues. That’s a hassle for shoppers and a costly nightmare for retailers, who now spend billions covering free returns.

Herzeliya based Sizer Technologies, understanding this, has developed a unique tailored level approach to taking extremely accurate body measurements and provides size recommendations,
helping to solve this issue of returns. Sizer’s proprietary solution - a mobile app utilizes advanced self-scanning computer vision technology to scan & generate shoppers’ body measurements, anytime and anywhere and a recommendation engine which uses deep learning algorithms to accurately determine shoppers’ size recommendations for any retail brand. Due to its extremely high accuracy, Sizer’s fit technology also enables traditional bespoke retailers to expand their made-to-measure businesses online and work wear and corporate clothing manufacturers to drastically improve the complex logistics and costs of uniform fittings. “For a shopper – finding the right size should not be difficult. It should be easy and uncomplicated. Sizer believes that shoppers should just choose what they want, not worry about size and we make sure it fits,” says Adam Kaplan, CEO. Through powerful fitting technology, Sizer capturesthe most precise body measurements and provides accurate size recommendations for the best-fitting clothing.

"Sizer has recently started to work with Jalin Design, a British designer and manufacturer of bespoke uniforms for some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and establishments"

Recognized as one of the best fashion-tech start-ups in Israel, Sizer is known to change the game how consumers shop for fashion online and think about fit. “We believe the game shouldn’t be about confusing size charts, multiple size orders, and the hassle of endless returns or quite simply clothes that don’t quite fit. Rather it
should be about eliminating the guessing and frustration out of shopping and ensuring every customer gets a perfect fit each and every time,” says Adam.

The Sizer platform serves three different types of clients/markets which include Online Fashion Retail, Made-to-Measure and Work wear Apparel. The platform easily integrates via the Sizer widget embedded into an e-commerce site, which recognizes the consumer and recommends the best size he should buy according to his personal body measurements. Retailers benefit from significant reductions in returns, and increases in conversion rates, as well as invaluable insights into shopper profiles.

The Sky is the Limit
Sizer is set to take-on 2019 with a storm. The platform is currently live in a number of leading fashion retail sites in Israel and early last year signed a Strategic Partnership with the Bagir Group, a Global Tailored Suits Manufacturer, to provide high street retailers with a plug-in seamless white label solution for online made to measure suits, from design to delivery. In the corporate clothing world, Sizer has recently started to work with Jalin Design, a British designer and manufacturer of bespoke uniforms for some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and establishments. “We are developing a customized app for Work-wear and corporate clothing suppliers, which eliminates the need for manual measuring sessions and enables easy collection of measurements anytime and anywhere,” Kaplan concludes.