Skill Circle: Building Digital Careers

Shivam Ahuja,   Founder

Team-Skill Circle

Having experienced the toils of getting a desirable, opportune and well-suited job, Shivam Ahuja came up with the decision of establishing Skill Circle, a corporate training firm that would sharpen skills, adeptness, erudition and cognition of people to arm them for a propitious career. This bootstrapped company provides Practical Hands on Trainings in Design, Tech & Digital Domains and Digital Marketing, Project Management, Block Chain and Public Speaking courses are among few popular courses. “The objective of venturing in this domain was to ease the endeavours of the young and prospective people of finding an appropriate profession or job,” says Shivam who is serial entrepreneur and worked with Unicorns of India like- BLS International, Oyo Rooms as marketing consultant.

What’s working for Skill Circle?
The voyage of Skill Circle started in the year 2017 from one room in Tilak Nagar, Delhi to now team of 30+ passionate people working in our company to solve good
problem “Skills v/s Industry gap in emerging fields. It unearthed that in the future education system will be adopting a Hybrid model to further upgrade the learning and teaching procedures. Keeping this very abstraction in mind, the company fostered reverse methodology to help them build a better career.

It has also arrogated the community model in order to keep every candidate well skilled and accounted about the latest technological knowledge. This not only keeps the students literate about the latest technology but helps them explore and build networks with savants in the industry. This corporate training firm does not only aim at coaching its mentees; it has taken significant steps towards invigorating confidence, attitude and motivation in them.

The Journey so Far
Skill Circle has procured prosperity at a breakneck speed. Then onwards, it has incurred 100 per cent year on year growth, trained more than four thousand pupils and helped them secure sterling jobs. It has been a crowd-puller as it netted one lakh members with more than ten thousand jobs posting every year. The company has successfully shaped many buoyant careers. Latterly, it was accorded one of India’s favourite training companies by Kalam foundation. “Over the years we have made significant headways. We have grown in numbers, clients, candidates and built comprehensive systems for our
services and solutions. Being counted amongst the country best corporate training companies it is certainly the greatest honour,” utters Shivam.

The Roadmap Ahead
The company has set an impressive game plan for itself. It has the intention to broaden its horizon to almost 20 cities across the country and strengthen the offline as well as online training tutorials. It also aspires to develop content in different vernacular languages to assist people from diverse coterie. Furthermore, it plans on to fabricate technologies that will refurbish the education sector in India by refurbishing the Edtech industry.

The Driving Force
The company is blessed to have an efficient team and the abidance of some great mentors. The trainers of this institute have pronounced expertise understanding of business, market and various sectors. They educate and crammer the students to understand the behaviour and functioning of the line of works. With the end in view to lend a helping hand to up and coming pupil build their career by vouchsafing them with voguish skills and knowledge. The company believes that polishing abilities or virtuosity can make a person worthy and competent for great opportunities. However, entrepreneurs should acknowledge this latitude to grow and help others to grow.