Skill Sir: A Corporate Skilling Partner Offering Customized Training Solutions

Aaron Mathew Chudukattil,  Co-FounderDuring the past 2-3 years the pandemic-hit market has suffered an extreme imbalance in the resource allocation sector for corporates. A prevailing assumption of unsettled employment gravely influenced career making minds where the pandemic-driven economic squeeze was blamed to be the ground cause for infidelity in India's employment market. Industries did tighten their budgets in employment but upon different sentiments.

Aaron Mathew Chudukattil, Co-Founder, Skill Sir, stated, "Today unemployment is high not because of paucity in employment opportunities but lack of adequate skills or adequately skilled workforce". In order to bridge the skill gap and enhance careers at corporates, SkillSir was born. Based on the corporate's talent needs and jobseeker's aptitude, it suggests seamless skilling solutions to mitre the gap.

Skill Sir is the training and upskilling arm of the TASK group, which caters for the employment market for over 2.5 decades. It branched as a conceptual expedition with the support of Mathew Chudukattil, the MD of the TASK group in 2020 to make space in the exploding skilltech business. Surprisingly, It took only two years for a young organisation
to onboard a plethora of professional skilling programs, implemented with great precision.

Multi-disciplinary Corporate Assistance
Again skill assistance is multidisciplinary. It can be functional, intra personal or managerial, SkillSir caters to all. It offers functional training programmes in disciplines like data science, big data, digital marketing, healthcare management, language labs, advanced management, supply chain management, selling skills and many more. The upskill programs are conducted both online and in hybrid mode. The course contents focus on applications of industrial skills thus making a learner job ready in that particular skill set. The majority of the upskilling programs are offered in association with premier institutions like IIM Indore, Goa Institute of Management and MICA to name a few.

On the other hand, its behavioural training programmes focus on corporate soft skills like communication, time management, critical and logical thinking, conflict management, stress management, and change management to name a few. Under the mentorship of Aaron Mathew Chudukattil, Skill wSir offers a special programme on management training specially designed to bridge this gap by providing eight tools that will help young and aspiring managers to transition into managerial roles.

Customizing Corporate Training Solutions
SkillSir has specialized custom training programs, offered as per the skill needs of freshers and the ageing workforce. As corporate cultures largely vary at organisations, It offers an end-to-end solution right from reevaluating work priorities and revisiting the skill assets of each employee and offering what's relevant to the individual's career growth. Aaron Mathew added. "Our expert sourcing is powered by tailor made training modules, delivered onsite, offsite, or online to enable ready-to deploy resources for bulk hiring including campus to corporate training programs in academia for freshers".

Throughout the corporate journey till retirement, Skill Sir acts as a one-stop training solution provider for corporations by offering a wide range of corporate training services. In the next few years, it desires to penetrate the corporate training market more aggressively. It's muscling up its training corporation with interdisciplinary trainers who can cater for its diverse training modules. Additionally, the company anticipates launching a series of courses exclusively designed to deliver for college educated workers for their jobready training needs.