SkillActz: One-Stop Solution For Young Talent

K M Subhash,Founder & CEO

K M Subhash

Founder & CEO

Recruitment platforms have gained popularity as they are dependable, save costs and are convenient. SkillActz is an employability platform for freshers to find the right job and for companies to find the right talent. SkillActz comes from Trinity Skillworks, established in 2014 with a mission to enhance employability and transform careers of young India. The company is headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The team is led by their Founder and CEO - K M Subhash, and Co-Founder and Director Harish Parameswaran.

SkillActz is a one-stop solution for companies to find the right fresh talent. They shortlist candidates through aptitude assessments, technical /domain assessments, group discussions and personal interviews. The processes are customized to meet their clients’ specific requirements. Partnering with SkillActz, companies benefit from high yield, quick turnaround and right fit hires.

Right Skills For The Right Job
The platform helps job seeking candidates to be aware of the industry norms and skill requirements. SkillActz achieves this
by giving learning content and industry insights to freshers to understand the world of work and prepare for it.

SkillActz provides free, curated content for improving employability skills, including interview skills, grooming, and soft skills. It offers hundreds of practice/mock aptitude tests. In addition, it conducts interviews with industry experts and CEOs of successful enterprises to help graduates prepare better. There are upskilling courses from leading skill providers on SkillActz.

SkillActz wants to help young talent across the country to explore, learn, and become leaders of tomorrow

SkillActz subscribers gain free access to multiple job opportunities on the platform.

Online assessment and interviews have become an acceptable norm and have been ever increasing since the pandemic. The companies and startups have broadened their catchment areas and are hiring talent from across the country. The boom in digital businesses has led to a rise in the demand for skilled and trained employees.

Large number of Job Vacancies On SkillActz
SkillActz has gained much popularity and traction since its launch in June 2021. The demand for young talent has led to increased demand for services provided by the company. There are 1500+ vacancies from several companies in the IT and ITES sectors available on the platform currently. The requirements are for Engineering, MBA as well as Arts & Science graduates.

SkillActz was launched in August 2021 and currently has a subscriber base of 20,000+ jobseekers.

SkillActz has ambitious goals for the future. The company is strongly driving partnerships with colleges, training institutes, recruiting companies, and online skill providers to accelerate its mission of helping youngsters get their first job. SkillActz is on course to achieve a user base of 1,00,000 by March 2022 and one million subscribers across India by March 2023. It expects to work with 100+ companies and provide placement to 10,000+ freshers next year.