Otomeyt: Making Assessments Quicker, Faster & More Adaptive

Christopher Raju,Co-founder & CEO

Christopher Raju

Co-founder & CEO

It is often said that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. While the idiom holds true in every aspect of life, yet its true essence is displayed the best in the corporate world; the skill level and capability of each employee hired for an organization is of prime importance since it directly impacts the company’s output. Entrusted with the responsi bility to hire the right resources, recruitment is one of the key pillars supporting an organization’s success. Given today’s highly competitive market landscape, companies are constantly on the lookout for adaptable, knowledgeable, qualified and dependable candidates. Helping companies and recruiters identify the best suited candidates based on their skills and aptitude is Otomeyt. A perceptive and well designed selection platform, Otomeyt leverages cutting edge technology to find the best suited candidates.

"Organizations Often Look For Specific Skills In Candidates. We Are Helping Them To Identify The Right Fit And Automating A Lot Of Processes Which Are Still Done Manually"

“Wrong hires can cost a company dearly,” explains Christopher Raju, co-founder, Otomeyt. “In order to rectify every wrong hire, companies often spend huge amount of money to hire and train the next candidate. We help organisations stay away from making hiring mistakes and empower them to make the right hiring decisions,” he further adds. Otomeyt enables this through its AI suite that empowers companies to assess talent, avoid hiring mistakes & benchmark talent.

Otomeyt has always been delivering user friendly and seamless experience to their clients by making assessments quicker, faster and more adaptive. Part of the Singapore based multi billion company, Apar Technologies, Otomeyt has established its development team in India. The company has been successfully supporting a vast clientele including renowned names.

Facilitating Impactful Hiring
The process of recruitment is complex and is often marred by challenges pertaining to bias or subjectivity. Otomeyt helps organisations to reduce subjectivity in the hiring system by more than 60 percent. Through its
assessments catering towards specific jobs, the platform also helps companies across the globe reduce the Hiring TAT by almost 52 percent. Another key hiring metrics that the platform impacts is enhancing the productivity of talent acquisition teams within organisations.

Helping to make the right hiring
Otomeyt’s journey in the market began with its technical assessment software which is the company’s flagship product currently. However, with growing adoption in the market, it ventured into non-technical assessment as well.

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in terms of how companies are adapting to the usage of assessment platforms

“Organizations often look for specific skills in candidates. We are helping them to identify the right fit and automating a lot of processes which are still done manually,” says Christopher.

With the rising candidate demand in the market, organizations are now keen on delivering exceptional candidate experience. Otomeyt has been facilitating the same through its hyper scalable and API driven platform that makes it unique from other players in the market.

Otomeyt has also developed a highly scalable video interview platform which can be leveraged to conduct one on one, one to many, many to one and many to many discussions. One of the primary use cases for the video interview platform has been group discussions at campus interviews and one on one personal interviews. It can also be used as a learning intervention tool.

Scope of Growth for Assessment Industry
Over the past few years, there has been a surge in terms of how companies are adapting to the usage of assessment platforms in the technical assessment industry. Earlier, companies were apprehensive about whether the software would add value to the system. But now, more and more organizations are understanding the advantages of leveraging such assessments and have been including them in their hiring system. On the flip side, people have started witnessing the importance of having a platform like Otomeyt, which helps identify the right fit for a particular role. Candidates now are also open to take assessments as they have realised that it is an essential requirement to move ahead in their career.

The bright roadmap ahead
At the helm of affairs at Otomeyt is Christopher Raju, a serial entrepreneur who currently leads the company as its CEO and co-founder of. He has built a strong and dynamic team with diverse experiences. The company had launched its first product in June 2019 and has not looked back ever since. “We have been growing min 5X YoY. Even during the challenging pandemic era, we successfully on-boarded over 100 clients to our roster. We have been able to work with enterprises, mid-sized segment, startups and have scaled to global geographies,” says Christopher.

The company believes that the demand for resources will only increase in future and therefore everybody will certainly opt for an assessment platform to ease the hiring system. Otomeyt intends to build on this growth potential and is looking to expand globally in different locations. The ambitious company will also work with other HR-Tech platforms and startups to create an ecosystem.