Skillslash: Revolutionising the Edtech Space through Real Work Experience

Ravi Pradhan,Chief Marketing Officer

Ravi Pradhan

Chief Marketing Officer

Today there exists a huge gap between what universities teach and the actual requirements of companies. This provides a great opportunity for edtech companies to rise to the occasion and fulfil those requirements. Edtech has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years and it will continue to do so because people will always need to upskill themselves. Changing the very way edtech functions by providing real work experience to students is Skillslash.

The platform was founded in 2021 by Rahul Kashyap and Krishna Kumar. The enterprising duo noticed the skill gap and the constant need for students to upgrade themselves, to fulfil those needs. Apart from this, every institution was providing academic degrees which do not include real work experience. These were the two key factors that led to the establishment of Skillslash. “We provide live interactive classes to students. The projects that we are providing are directly from the companies,” explains Ravi.

Building Future by Building Knowledge
The platform enables students to learn the concepts inside the class and apart from that, they do live projects with AI companies on those concepts. This is how the students get their entire real work experience. “Our course is updated and we give real work experience. Our students work on certain projects for a period of time. They need these kinds of experiences in order to switch to a better career role,” says Ravi.

Build your course track is another unique feature of Skillslash, through which the company provides better depth of knowledge in various concepts to people with different years of experience and professional background. So, learning track is built according to one’s profile. Moreover the platform gives 15 real life industry projects to its students that gets covered during the course. Skillslash also provides its students with experience on 1 to 3 live projects directly with the companies.

Skillslash provides 3 years flexible subscription to every student. Whether a student is in the course and they want to repeat a module for their revision or the
student have completed the course with certificate and wants to repeat a few modules; Skillslash opens the door for them in live classes for upto 3 years in subscription. So, now students have a course through which even after getting placed in an organization, when they need a module repeated, they can just sit in the live classes if they have this subscription. Also, a lifetime recording feature is available. With this, even after the completion of three years, one can access the recorded sessions.

Build your course track is another unique feature of Skillslash, through which the company provides better depth of knowledge in various concepts to people with different years of experience and professional background

Domain specialization is another service provided by the company which reflects that the course cannot be same for all. As every individual will have different industry they are catering to and for the transition to be smooth and beneficial the student requires domain understanding of their own industry and live projects too. Skillslash offers this feature which compliments the current career of the student.

Internship for college students and freshers. This is yet another feature by Skillslash that is specifically for college students. College students require to showcase their practical knowledge too. Ravi quotes Statista, ‘On an average only 25% of the students graduating every year get employed.’ He further says, ‘What we aim at is: getting our students in those 25% of the hireable population by providing the knowledge in cutting edge technologies. Internship in the field provides practical learning experience to our students making them a better candidate for the companies.’

A Team of Highly Skilled Professionals
Both the co-founders are highly talented in their respective fields. Rahul Kashyap is an IIT Kharagpur alumnus and has industry experience as a data scientist, while Krishna Kumar specializes in the edtech domain. Ravi believes that data science is one of the most important building blocks for the digital transformation of a company. Since inception, Skillslash’s growth has been 100 percent month on a month basis. Skillslash has witnessed 400 per cent growth in the first couple of months. With its headquarters in Bangalore, the company also has other branches in Gurgaon, Mumbai, & Hyderabad and aims to expand outside India as well.

“Our next plan is to bring in more courses which will include digital marketing course, full stack developer course, cyber security course, cloud computing course, robotics process automation course and blockchain course with similar features that adds value for our students.” adds Ravi. With such a unique approach towards learning, Skillslash is sure to make a mark in the edtech sector in the coming years.