Sklash: A Platform that Offers Real Money Winnings & Endless Entertainment

  Rohan Khanna,  Co-Founder & CEO

Rohan Khanna

Co-Founder & CEO

Penetration of affordable and hightech smartphones and easy internet access are boosting the skillbased gaming space. On the bigger picture, the industry is holding huge opportunities while grabbing the interest of the young generation. Also, driving newer revenue models for gaming companies, turning fun and excitement into a billion dollar market. However, these companies are involved with real money, they need to understand the criticality of the market and adapt to the regulations, legality, safe technology, and secure payment methods to sustain in the long run. Sklash is one such brand that perfectly balances all the limitations and opportunities in the industry and provides gamers with the moment to enjoy their game anytime, anywhere with cash earnings along with entertainment.

Brought to you by the house of Asobi Etech,Sklash is a Play to Earn (P2E) skill based Gaming platform, which offers a wide selection of games to test your skills against your friends and other talented gamers with a chance for you to win real cash. Customers can play games like chess, tic-tac-toe, ludo, sudoku, quizzes and more while creating their own contests for the amount they choose.

Addressing the Pain Points
Focusing on user satisfaction and independence, Sklash is creating a friendly gaming company in India. Rohan Khanna, Co-Founder shares, “Users more often do not have full independence on these gaming apps; while having a lot of admin contests and less custom made contests. We are trying to change that by giving them this independence where they can choose the number of players they want to play against, choose the amount, and even choose when to play that game. Moreover, our platform wants to give a chance to small developers who make amazing games but do not have the right tools to showcase them.”

Focusing on user satisfaction and independence, Sklash is creating a friendly gaming company in India

The Journey
Sklash was cofounded by Vaibhav Wadhwa(CTO) and Rohan Khanna(Co-Founder and CEO). They have built a dextrous team of eight talented people and are guided by veteran mentors from the industry. Sklash is in touch with a lot of developers to get them onboarded. At present, the company’s growth in terms of customers is steady and multiplying manifold every month.

Speaking about future endeavors, they mentioned, “At present, Sklash is operating only in Indian states where skill based gaming is legal. The Indian market is enormous and has huge untapped potential. We have recently tied up with a company called GOGAMES which has a portfolio of over 500+ games on their website and plan to onboard those on Sklash. We are hoping for a brighter 2023 and reach our current goals by the third quarter. We envision a great year because we are ready to scale the app and achieve concrete milestones. In terms of progress, just like any passionate startup, we are always trying to get to the next level, having customer satisfaction at the core.”

Rohan further added, “With Sklash, it is our sole mission to make it a household name where we see everyone playing their favourite games for money or for free on it. It is then we would have achieved our goal and satisfaction where we see our consumers happy.”