Skootr: Come. Sit. Work.

Puneet Chandra,CEOFor any business to sustain and thrive on a longer run, moving fast is no more a competitive advantage - it's a necessity. Setting-up office infrastructure essentially slows down the business and locks up capital. Therefore, companies need to get off the ground quickly, experiment projects, and swiftly manifest to newer locations. This is a distorted sense of reality in any business today. As a paramount requirement, every growing business needs an office that can cater to its two most basic requirements - accessibility and functionality.

Gurgaon based Skootr is changing the perspective of people by delivering easy office solutions that not only provides office spaces with all the amenities but increases the efficiency and output of the business by opening doors to transparency, comfort, and convenience.

Puneet Chandra, Co-Founder & CEO, Skootr,says, “We at Skootr want people to consume offices and not spend their money on furniture. We believe that investors by now have understood the harsh reality where 9 out of 10 startups failing does n’t really justify investing in office furnishings.

Changing the Mind-set to Harnessing Growth
In a span of just one & half years, Skootr has grown to manage 150,000 sq. ft. office space with 2500+ seats across seven facilities in four cities and has more than 195+ clients benefiting from their services. Recollecting the initial days of struggle, Anuj Saxena, Co-Founder & COO, says, “Convincing the traditional office space customers about the benefits of plug and play setup was a tedious process. Also, making builders/real estate owners believe in this model was a huge challenge.”

Skootr has grown to manage 150,000 sq. ft. office space with 2500+ seats across 7 facilities in 4cities and has more than 195+ clients benefiting from their services

Sailing against the wind, at present the company has progressed on delivering customised high quality workspace solutions to a diverse set of clients which includes MNC companies like BMW, Kuka Robotics, Haba, Luther Corporate Services, Rocket Test tatilor Software, Devere, SevenN, Rational Kitchen, Mattsen Kumar, to start-ups like Magic, Beacon Analytics, Nextinc, AstroYogi, ZoyRide, and

Custom Designed, Ready to Move Managed Office Spaces
Today, Skootr is one of India’s leading managed office solution providers offering custom designed, safe & secure, managed office spaces and provides a 100 percent technology and services infrastructure for today’s growth-oriented entrepreneurs and

The company provides state-of-the-art offices and workspaces, flexible timings, round the clock support services, high-speed internet, concierge support, power backup, multi-city address, as a part of its premium offerings. Ankit Jain, Co-Founder & CAO, adds, “All our offices run two shifts a day - utilizing real estate resources like no other companies out there in the market. As a brand, we promise highly stable internet over leased line connections with fail overs and policy software, thoughtfully designed, absolutely clean & hygienic, and an on the toes service team 24x7. Yes! 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.”

The Growth Story of Skootr
Bootstrapping the business, the Founders initially put in their own funds to kickstart the venture and later raised a small Angel round from two investors Mayank Paraswani and Gagan Suryavanshi.

The commitment of the co-founders has definitely reaped the fruit of success, evident from its growth,reaching 2500 seats and anannual revenue run rate of US$4 million.

Puneet further adds,“We wanted to prove the model and build healthy cash flows before we raised more funds. We are now ready and are in talks with venture firms to raise our next round of investment. This is going to help us expand our stable & profitable business model across more cities. In the next 2-3 years, we plan to expandour network to 30 cities and increase the capacity to over 100,000 seats across the country.”