SKOPE INDIA: Business Transformation from Prologue to Epilogue

Aseem Hanspal, &  Simi Hanspal,Principal Consultant & Co - Founder & Co-Founder

Aseem Hanspal, & Simi Hanspal

Principal Consultant & Co - Founder & Co-Founder

Amit Jain, the Managing Director of Shingora is effusive when he says, “Running a business successfully involves serious challenges in terms of managing people, processes and performance. Aseem Hanspal and SKOPE team worked with us like full time employees, spent time in understanding our business and bringing about transformations. We are now an evolved organization with a fresh breath of energy and yes change management was smooth. I have no second thoughts in calling him a turnaround specialist for a rapidly scaling organization like ours. Would always look forward to work with Aseem and discuss challenges as I know, he would be able to bring in relevant solutions”. SKOPE team has impacted Amit and several other Owner Managers and their businesses.

Aseem and his wife incepted SKOPE in 2010 as a training and recruitment firm, which later shifted gear to emerge as one of the leading Indian business-consulting firms in 2013.
The duo realized that organizations, predominantly SMEs & Startups, across industries are challenged with respect to Strategy, People and Process. The economic volatility makes it imperative for organizations today to be agile with processes in place and the right people driving the economic engine. SKOPE works with clients to build capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage and becomes a partner for transformation and growth.

SKOPE works with its clients to build capabilities that enable them to achieve sustainable advantage and become a partner for transformation and growth

To address this challenge of an owner-managed company SKOPE introduced the concept of BETT - Build, Execute, Transform and Transfer. This model builds the framework for desired growth, executes the framework along with the client edging the transformation and finally transfers it to the team. During this entire process they closely handhold the organization.SKOPE follows a process, which entails prognosis basis, which it prepares an Organizational Health Report. After a detailed diagnostic the intervention design is readied. The intervention has several elements, which
includes framing Vision-Mission-Values, designing a Strategy Map,HR Policy, Performance Management System and Skill Development Programs. Aseem however stresses that change is a process and not an event and while signing on a client insists on patience, involvement and trust.

BETT Model has been successfully implemented in more than 20 organizations including, Ramoji Film City, Shingora Textiles, AVON Cycles, Oswal Group, AVON Steels, Studio Lotus, BONN Food Industries etc. SKOPE has varied expertise and it’s consultant’s come with huge relevant experience and most have been in leadership roles and have built and led businesses themselves, which gives SKOPE an edge over several other consulting groups.

SKOPE is also a training partner for several organizations and works in the space of Middle Management and Sales extensively. It has designed and executed long-term interventions for organizations like Hindustan Times, Larsen & Toubro, India Mart, CBRE, Macmillan Publishers, Fever 104, StudyMATE, AON Hewitt and several others.

Currently SKOPE is looking forward to creating a unique platform for Owner Managed Companies and continue working on fresh innovations to mould a better middle management for Corporates.