SKR Group: Engineering Tech-Driven Sustainable Solutions For Agriculture

Aviraj Rathi,   Managing Director & CEO

Aviraj Rathi

Managing Director & CEO

From sowing to harvesting, a farmer has to consider numerous parameters to get the best yield. When they make a timely decision in a scientific way, the crops can give a higher yield with lesser input. Countries like Israel and Netherlands have proven the same by enabling their farmers to leverage technology to get higher and better yields. The picture is different in India. As a result, the yield is very low and pest/disease occurrences are higher, leading to a loss of revenue for farmers. Embracing a heavy dose of innovation to disrupt this drowning Indian agriculture scenario, SKR group manufactures a comprehensive range of agricultural inputs from sowing to harvesting, equipment, motor pumps, and more.

"The Core Management Of SKR Group Believes In Constantly Improving And Innovating The Quality And Range Of Products Manufactured In The Company. They Look Forward To Achieving Excellence Through Innovation. With A Keen Focus On Customer Satisfaction, They Want To Build A Worldclass Organization Supporting The Indian Economy, Farmers And The Other Stakeholders"

What started in 1981 to manufacture micronutrients - the most vital agricultural input in tune with the green revolution then expanded its strength vertically and horizontally to realize the potential of internal synergies. Now, the group is restructured bringing together all its companies under the flagship of SKR. Today, the SKR group manufactures all necessary agricultural inputs based on innovative technology. We started very small in 1981 with the manufacturing of Micronutrients. With time, we realized that it’s very important to serve every need of farmers under one roof. Gradually we added all the products in our portfolio from sowing to harvesting with three state-of-art manufacturing facilities. Our next vision is to provide doorstep delivery of all services and products at the rural level", shares Shrikant Rathi.

Breathing Transformation
Since its inception, the SKR group is striving to bring innovation to agriculture through technologies that will make farming more sustainable and increase the yield of the crops. Ultimately, the company’s efforts reduce the input cost of farmers with lowcost innovative inputs and practices. It is focusing on primary adaptations towards organic practices to control diseases/pests and for nutrient conversion of available nutrients from the environment to crops. Also, providing solutions to the farmers along the lines of integrated nutrient management(INM), integrated water management(IWM) and integrated pest management (IPM).

Technology has been at the core of the group's endeavors and offerings. “We are a well-known face as a leading manufacturer of biofertilizer, biopesticide, micronutrients, plant growth promoters and costeffective, innovative technologies. Our products are developed and manufactured to enhance a sustainable environment as we realize the
impact and significance of ecological balance. We are constantly innovating and improvising our products to suit the industry as well as to protect the environment. Research and Development continue to be our strongest asset that is backed by well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories and plants that are constantly upgraded to keep pace with the changing market scenario. We are committed to the well-being of farmers, society, and our Earth with products that are efficient yet safer for the environment", the company claims.

The Silver Lining
With a growing population, the most important factor is to fulfill the food requirement. To achieve better productivity and high yield, it’s very important to adopt integrated practices in agriculture. Nutrients comprise primary, secondary, and micronutrients, hence to boost the growth and metabolic activities of crops they all play a major role. This segment is like a never-ending ocean and has infinite opportunities in India and for exports as well. SKR group is indeed leveraging the best of these opportunities to provide sustainable solutions.

"Providing best organic inputs and sustainable solutions powered by IoT for nutrition, protection, and better yield"

Highlighting SKRs differentiating factors as a market player, the Aviraj Rathi, MD &CEO says, “Do you know there is around 36 tons of nitrogen present in the air for 1 acre of land? Imagine the abundance of Nutrient availability and how we can help to convert this into the available form that crops require. One of the major focuses is to provide organic and sustainable solutions to provide nutrient availability to crops and to protect the crops from diseases and pests with organic solutions. Our second most important focus is to bring IoT to agriculture and make our farming practices advanced for better productivity and informed farming".

SKR Group is introducing several products manufactured using Nanotechnology to provide a cost-effective solution to farmers while increasing their output

Addressing Farmer’s Problems With Technology
Throughout the journey of 4 decades, SKR's observation of the farmers and their pain points has been multidimensional. The company reveals, “The most common pain point is the availability of labor and lack of knowledge on agriculture practices and factors like weather, soil nutrient analysis, water requirements, irrigation planning. here to solve the problems that our farmers are facing, we are coming up with many handheld devices which are integrated with IoT. This provides them with all factors responsible for effect the productivity of crops and also help them reduce the labor.”

In order to counter the issues, these custodians of agriculture have built a wide Distribution channel across India, which helps in providing the material to farmers. “We also have Rate Contract with many state governments, wherein our products are registered with the marketing federation and are availed to farmers via various government schemes. We are coming up with analytical devices which are very low cost and can be used by farmers at the field level. These devices measure nutrient availability, and moisture availability and also have developed some devices to monitor pests. One device that we recently also developed is a wild animal repulsive device which helps in repelling wild animals from the fields saving the damages of farmers by saving crops", the team informs.

The League Of Its Own
Over the past 40+ years, SKR has witnessed a steep growth graph in all aspects including innovation. With a foresighted vision, the company believes that Nanotechnology is the future and is introducing many products manufactured using Nanotechnology to provide a cost-effective solution to farmers while increasing their output .

Adding to the roadmap, Yuvraj Rathi, CFO concludes, “We envision to be India's No. 1 organic input manufacturer by 2025. Every year we have been doubling our revenue by expanding our areas and product portfolio. Our next step is to start white labeling for companies so as to utilize our manufacturing facilities to maximum capacity, hence optimizing our operations. We believe to provide innovative, cost-effective and at the same time increase our ability to transcend into continuous innovation with higher investment in research & development, marketing, and manufacturing".