SlickAccount: The GST ready Accounting and Profitability suit

(R)Sanmaya Kumar Dhal & Bibhuti Dutta Dash (L),CEO & Founder “It all started from making a business recover from a predicted loss,” says Sanmaya Kumar Dhal, CEO & Founder of SlickAccount, a company in the accounting software space. As it is said when one passes through a smart failure, he or she will definitely dissect in a moment and find pathways that lead to success which was not been seen from the other side. Similar instance took place with the three co-founders Sanmaya, Bibhu & Jyoti who had embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with a small business, but the business soon started dying. Though they were adding a lot of volumes in terms of clients at the same time, they were losing a lot of money. Identifying that as the accounting software was a jargon for many, they started analyzing and developed a simple cash flow kind of stuff just to understand, get insights. Even though they dealt with loads of projects, marketing channel and reduced the pricing but they suffered loss due delays, payment & more. Thus, hitting their head they came up with a recovery plan. Understanding that sale from one channel is not going to help they closed the marketing channel completely, increased their pricing, conveyed the customers and gained immense profitability.

“The turning point actually came in when we forwarded this model to one of our clients. After listening to us she suggested us to start a company in this space and took us off to her CA. But the actual thought ripped in where her CA was not agreeing to it. That time we realized that if the company is battling with the CA, then there must be some thing extraordinary. Thus, that’s how Slick Account started and the rest is history,” says Sanmaya.
Bhubaneswar based SlickAccount visions to bring in the new age of accounting with integrating the traditional accounting forms with the latest technological implications. Overcoming the journey right from pitching the idea to conducting campaigns and make people understand by using the mediums like twitter, Facebook, and through its own blog, SlickAccount came up with a pretty simple accounting software that is intelligent enough to tell when something is going wrong and immediately act to it. The company was able to receive a lot of international attention as well as with getting a lot of positive responses from the accounting software industry.

Led by a team of 11 members, SlickAccount today is present across 10,000+ users in 34 cities, both nationally & internationally and has grown 3x in revenue

Exemplary Accounting Software’s & Suite of Product Offerings
The role of accounting in small business management is huge as it assists to track the financial information for various business functions. Thus, any business should have a tab over everyday expenses to enormous expenditures. Therefore, understanding this SlickAccount emerged with two unique software models and has made the task cumbersome & easier in comparison to traditional methods.

With its simplest money management software for profit-oriented business, it extends a very simple accounting process that is applicable to most of the services company. The basic features include invoicing, search options, planning & budgeting, warning & reminder, ensures advice on loans, gives detailed reports & son on. “This software understands the problem and enables response automatically. It acts like a CFO and helps in improving the cash flow with the easy flow of work,” mentions Sanmaya.

As GST today has been the new buzzword, SlickAccount, in order to help business with it, has
introduced software in regards to GST calculation. The components constituted in the software are GST enabled online invoice, HSN/SAC code finder, Built-in Inventory Management, Quick GST, MCA, IT tax compliances and more. Shanmay avers,“With our simple GST accounting software we aim to create GST ready invoices, send them to clients, manage their inventory & stock and get them the reports and help them file GST returns.” He adds, “We have built-in a POS and also offer the bar-coding process that is taken to a next level whereby it assures bar coding printing. And at the same time, it manages the barcoding with inventory, consumption & others.”The GST software also guides the CAs, businesses to improve their revenues and make it a cheaper process for their operations. The company offers a free 14-day trial package to its users.

Integrating & Collaborating - The Road Ahead
The company has been achieved Startup Recognition by DIPP, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India and Startup Odisha, Govt. of Odisha. It is been funded by MSME, Govt of India & incubated at KiiT-TBI, Bhubaneswar. Led by a team of 11 members, SlickAccount today is present across 10,000+ users in 34 cities, both nationally & internationally and has grown 3x in revenue. Tapping to the next level by mixing state-of-art infrastructure & business models, Sanmay concludes, “Soon we will begin high process accounting, collaboration, automated reminder for filing. We will be inculcating every integral aspect in concerned to accounting and integrate them in the software.”

Key Management:
1. Shanmaya Kumar Dhal.
2. Bibhu datta Dash
3. Jyotirmaya Dhal

Product Offerings:
• Accounting Software
• Online Invoicing Software
• Projection Tool
• Forecasting Tool
• Virtual CFO
• Profitability Software
• Simple Budgeting Tool
• Financial Decision making Dashboard & more