Smart Moves: Hand Holding Clients in Steering Business Growth Bandwagon

 Poonam Dudeja, Vijaya Dudeja Mahlawat, Tejal Thakker,   PartnersAn HR consultant's responsibility today is not limited to just hiring employees but also to nurture talent and deliver a more balanced view of a given challenge. Given the importance of their job, an HR consultant must have the necessary skills and characteristics.

Smart Moves has created a niche as an integrated HR Consulting firm that has the needed ability and skills to provide quality solutions to its clients. Smart Moves offers the knowledge to curate superior offerings that match up with the standards of large organizations for small or mediumsized companies within their price and time constraints. Smart Moves' flagship services include talent Acquisition, contract staffing, Policy Designing, PMS designing, and implementation. In addition, the company also provides monthly retainer services for HR outsourcing, payroll, and labor law compliance. This strategy enables Smart Moves to provide comprehensive solutions to its clients while also strengthening the ties.

“Our USP is driving extensive insights into the HR space with tailored solutions for businesses based on current market dynamics. We provide our services to a variety of industries which includes banking and finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, EPC, information
technology, and the service industry. Our clientele spans from tech startups to well established multinational corporations”, says Poonam Dudeja, Partner at Smart Moves.

Poonam Dudeja, Tejal Thakker and Vijaya Dudeja Mahlawat make up the core team. Poonam is an HR expert with over 17 years of experience in various HR areas such as talent management employee engagement, payroll, labor compliance and quality management. Tejal is a dynamic HR specialist with over ten years of diverse experience in HR operations, marketing, business support, and performance management. Vijaya is an HR management specialist with over 16 years of experience in Talent Acquisition and HR Operations, with a distinctive approach, strong market insights, and innovative trends in understanding client requirements. The core team delivers a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist businesses achieve their HR objectives.

Over the years, the three enthusiastic women worked in tandem to expand the company and provide excellent service to their clientele. They met many obstacles along the way, but they never gave up, never losing sight of their goal. Their HR consultancy is now a steadfast company known for its expertise, ethics, and dedication to assisting businesses in prospering. Vijaya, Poonamand Tejals tale exemplifies the power of passion, hard work, and collaboration in accomplishing great things.

An example of their successful approach is when they helped a digital marketing company streamline its HR processes, develop policies, and conduct employee surveys. The results were outstanding as the firm saw a positive change in workplace culture, decreased attrition, and increased productivity.

Robust Roadmap Ahead
“Going forward, we would be developing a web platform for clients wanting to hire fresh employees and potential applicants interested in career opportunities. The portal will include a variety of HR services and recruitment tools, such as job advertisements, applicant tracking, candidate screening, and interview scheduling” highlights Tejal Thakker, Partner, Smart Moves.

For businesses the platform can be leveraged to manage their recruitment process, facilitate communication with prospects, and access a wider pool of qualified applications. Customized recruitment solutions can also be tailored to each client's specific requirements. In terms of feasible candidates, the portal can function as a job board, providing access to a wide range of career possibilities in many industries and regions. Smart Moves can also provide value added services like resume checks, interview coaching, and career counseling.