SmartDEN: A Name Of Significance In The Smart Home Industry

Niyati Chander and Divyateja,Co-founder and COO, CEO

Niyati Chander and Divyateja

Co-founder and COO, CEO

The Indian home automation market is segmented on the basis of product, technology, and end-user. By product, the Indian home automation market is segregated into lighting, security & safety, HVAC, entertainment, and others. However, the Indian market is all about cost-effectiveness. Cities such as Mumbai, Pune are the ones that witness considerable growth in the adoption of the smart home system every year that are backed by various competitors, which offers home automation at a low cost, thus increasing the Indian home automation market scope. This is where SmartDEN gets a growth opportunity.

The company makes products exactly according to the Indian market demand and is built on 3 foundation principle, ownership, honesty and commitment. The market penetration of home automation systems in India is less as compared to other developing nations. The reason behind this is limited connectivity and lower average bandwidth. Furthermore, the lack of standardization of products and components in a smart home can lead to the failure of the system. Such factors hamper the Indian home automation market growth.

Creating a Bright Scope
The Indian home automation market was valued at $1,790.1 million in 2018. It was the year when the market started growing gradually. Since 2019, it kept growing at a CAGR of almost 30 percent. It is expected to reach $13,574.1 million by 2026. SmartDEN is a significant player in the Indian home automation industry. This is a company different than others of its genre because it has its own philosophy. SmartDEN's focus is to welcome the customers/clients to the world of automatic homes of smart home technologies. Unlike the other companies, SmartDEN does not focus on just providing service, it prefers assisting the customers into its services.

Niyati Chander and Divyateja, the co-founder and COO, CEO of the company quote, "SmartDEN is a place that gives you the freedom to follow your heart and do what you think is best. We have transparency at our workplace with no hidden clauses." Divyateja, furthermore added, "Coming from a different industry I had to start from scratch. Studying my research, learning about the technology and techniques, I soon realized that what I am trying to build is a foundation for the future smart home industry."

The company does not only look after its clients and customers, it also looks after its employees and appreciates their work. It believes that the employees are its key assets and ensuring that they start off in the right foot is the company's first priority. The major reason why SmartDEN is a significant player in the home automation industry is its work culture. SmartDEN employs a 4-day work from office policy where Friday is mandatory Work from Home, micromanagement is not a part. The work culture of the company is so flexible that the employees are not bound to work only from their office.

It helps the company to make sure that its employees are highly motivated, committed and task driven. Niyati says, "I believe if the employees are comfortable with what they are doing and how they are doing, they will be more dedicated towards their work and the company." Therefore, there is no such policy of the SmartDEN that employees cannot work from anywhere out of their office. The company also provides flexible timings for work and leaves according to the government guidelines. To sum up, the company believes that it provides an all in one package to its
employees and, therefore, expects the employees to be responsible enough for their jobs/roles.

Accountability, Reliability and Trust
Firstly, the company promises to provide top-notch service to its clients, and by service, the company means consultancy, installation of the products and last but not the least, after-sales service. The differentiating factor here is that there are very few companies out there in this industry that provide after-sales services. Niyati says, "We from SmartDEN promise to make your life easy by using smart technology." SmartDEN provides technologies and systems that are easy to use and access. It makes sure that the systems are easily accessible for everyone, be it children or adults.

"We understand how difficult it can get to contact multiple service providers for something which is not working right" adds Divyateja. The company promises to provide a full service package. The package contains everything including educating the customers about the systems to providing an after sale-service. SmartDEN promises to look after any issue of the customers, be it just a software check or a replacement service, all the customers have to do is pick up their phones and dial the company's customer care. SmartDEN's employees are ready to provide solutions to the customers 24*7.Products and systems of SmartDEN come with an energy tracking facility. It allows the customers to track down their energy consumption and optimize them according to their needs. This feature has been incorporated into the products in order to save the customers' electricity bills from skyrocketing.

SmartDEN believes that possessing a strong and dependable employee base will significantly help the company sustain its market position

A Smart Approach
It is a matter of fact that technology is being improvised every other day. As a result, SmartDEN's customer base is also increasing day by day. SmartDEN is the perfect choice for people owning every type of house. The company offers packages for 3 BHK residences, 4 BHK residences as well as villas. The packages are already developed in an efficient way, however, they are available for personalization. The reason why SmartDEN allows its customers to personalize are as follows: efficiency, comfort, peace of mind and convenience. With SmartDEN's mobile application, the customers enjoy the privilege of operating his/her entire house system from one particular place. With SmartDEN's products, the customers get to enjoy convenience as nicely as possible. This is the reason that makes people choose SmartDEN. The customers get to enjoy peace of mind. Be it operating the system or calling for service, SmartDEN has got everything covered. Most importantly, the systems/products of SmartDEN are cost effective. This is the major advantage that the company provides to the customers.

“SmartDEN is a place that gives you the freedom to follow your heart and do what you think is best”

Closer Look at the Company's Working
At first, what SmartDEN does is to talk to its customers or clients. To be precise, the company gathers information regarding what exactly are the people looking for. According to the information gathered, the company provides its options to the people. Once, an option is finalized by the customer, the company moves forward to the installation part. Usually, the installation is completed within a day of finalizing the option. Immediately after the installation is finished, the company starts educating the customers about how to use the systems and technologies. This is how SmartDEN delivers its products and service to its customers. Regarding the company's service, Divyateja says, "Our Smart Home Automation technology transforms your home into a 360 degree Smart Home Experience with customized plans and a centralized app to give you full control of your home."

Future Prospects
Niyati states, "SmartDEN is a platform, where you gain a lot of experience, where you have all the freedom to explore all the mediums of design there is and where colleagues turn into a family. We aspire to spend our present to build a secure and accessible future. SmartDEN is creating a future that impacts the daily lifestyle of users. SmartDEN is the combination of present culture and future vision."

The company aims toward the future by making its family stronger. SmartDEN believes that possessing a strong and dependable employee base will significantly help the company sustain its market position. "SmartDEN is an organization where the whole team gets opportunities to implement his/her ideas for the growth of the company," concludes Divyateja.