Smedealz: An Ecosystem for the Entire Lifecycle of SMEs

Suresh Viswanathan, Founder & Director

Suresh Viswanathan

Founder & Director

More than 30 percent of India's GDP is contributed by the MSME sector comprising 13 Crore units, of which more than 11 Lakh are corporate entities. During the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift in the mindset of small business promoters, and they prefer using online platforms for doing business to conventional business physical modes. SMEDEALZ (Finteglaw Business Integrators), founded in 2021, is a unique B2B technology platform providing opportunities for business acquisition, and inorganic growth. Apart from unlocking the value, SMEDEALZ enables the revival of ailing business units through this exercise. Further, SMEs require the assistance of business catalysts like banks, NBFCs, VC Funds, merchant bankers, debenture trustees, rating agencies, and more, and consultants like valuers, lawyers, tax advisors, chartered accountants, and company secretaries. SMEDEALZ is thus an e-Business-integrator and a digital investment banker.

Trading facility on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a unique feature introduced for the first time ever in India, focuses on startups and IPR centric companies that wish to monetize and salvage the value of their patents, copyrights and trademarks, that lie dormant. The market for IPR is nascent in India and the company primarily aims two segments. First, pharma companies having
several IPs registered in their names and that are available for assignment, licensing or other modes of sale. Second, startups that are not doing well, and on the verge of closing down, and having a patent or a copyright to their credit that can be monetized and a good value realized. SMEDEALZ have also built an auction platform for selling these IPs through auctions, as practiced globally.

Finteglaw Business Integrators owns the portal ‘SMEDEALZ' and the brand ‘SMEDEALZ’. This is a startup company registered with the DPIIT, Government of India, and supported by a team of professionals having several years of experience in their respective domains. "Apart from unlocking the value, SMEDEALZ enables revival of ailing businesses, thereby strengthening, continuously, the country's economy”, says Suresh Viswanathan, Founder & Director.

A B2B technology ecosystem for the SME Sector under a single roof makes SMEDEALZ a panacea for all the issues faced by SME sector, thereby contributing its might to furthering the cause of Atmanirbhar Bharat, the dream of our beloved Prime Minister, Narendra Modi

All Aggregator Services under One Roof
SMEDEALZ enables buying and selling of companies, businesses, and factory units, including distressed assets, and IPR providing opportunities for faster expansion. It also helps SMEs get direct access to several targeted financial institutions in one go. Its spot transactions services on unlisted securities bring liquidity to illiquid investments. The platform also aids in franchise and catalyst aggregation. SMEDEALZ also offers support services to add value to the aforesaid products, such as a Virtual Data Room, Virtual Auction Platform, Board Governance Software, and proposes to have an Online Arbitration mechanism too. “We integrate the entire spectrum of knowledge based, technology based, and fund based services required to consummate a lead into a deal”, says Suresh.

SMEDEALZ is presently concentrating on the aggregation of business acquirers and sellers, including those who wish to trade their intellectual properties, and is in the process of carving a niche for itself. All the other products are being added in a structured manner and will be shortly offering spot transaction on unlisted securities and franchising for ambitious SMEs that want a national presence through franchisees.