Snooplay: Transforming Indian Toy & Games Industry Through Use of Vision, Tech & Innovation

 Brij Raj Singh,   Co-Founder

Brij Raj Singh


Educational Games Market size was valued at $11.24 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $93.53 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 38.67 percent from 2022 to 2030. There are an array of reasons that are driving such massive growth in the segment. India is a large country with a huge population and parents in India are particular with providing the best education to their children which is why many children at a very young age are involved with various educational platforms. However, urban parents are now becoming weary of the increased screen times and are looking for better alternatives to stimulate learning and growth for the children,

Based out of Delhi, Snooplay is a dedicated online marketplace for toys and games for all ages. The firm is on a mission to help consumers find the right toy/game that best meets their child's needs there by encouraging purpose driven purchase. Essentially Snooplay is a tech-driven marketplace that uses AI to help you find the right toy or game for your child.

Talking about the current market scenario and consumer behavior in the segment, Co-Founder, Brij Raj Singh mentions, "Keeping the well-being of their child in mind, parents are seeking sustainable yet engaging ways to encourage learning in them. As a result, parents provide their kids with various educational games, and this is one reason why STEM toys and games are gaining popularity because they not only take children away from spending too much screen time, but STEM toys also encourage original thought and improve cognitive learning. Here's where snooplay plays an important role in helping parents find the right toy or a game for their child based on skill developmental goals, interests & personalities. We are also building an AI driven recommendation tool for our customers that will suggest the toys that best match their needs, thus making it even easier to discover from the wide range of products”.

Using Cutting-edge Tech to Enable Child Learning
At its core, Snooplay is a discovery platform that aims at helping people find the right toys and games based on their personalities,
skills, interests and developmental goals. The platform categorizes toys and games according to age groups and their purposes basing them on people's personality types skills, interests and developmental goals. The platform categorizes toys and games according to age groups and their purposes basing them on people's personality types, skills, interests and developmental goals and tag them appropriately so that the overall customer shopping experience is enhanced thereby, helping customers find the right toys and games easily.

Though Snooplay is a niche platform that offers toys and games to babies, kids, grown-ups and people with special needs, it boasts of a huge range of toys & games with some even available in multiple variants. For example, Ludo comes in multiple variants there's wooden, travel sized Ludo, drinking variation of Ludo or Braille Ludo, to name a few. Whereas grown-up games usually have extremely limited visibility in general marketplaces as most toys and games marketplaces are built for children, Snooplay makes such games more accessible and visible through their effective categorization strategy.

Building a Marketplace for Future
Snooplay is trying to demystify gender-bias because the team at the firm strongly believes that toys and games don't have gender boys can play with dolls and girls can play with cars.

Shedding light on how Snooplay plans to provide value to their consumers and stay ahead of competitors, Brij Raj mentions, "Our three-tier approach considers the local and global markets in such a way that we offer toys and games for everyone babies, kids, teenagers, adults, and differently abled, to enjoy and learn from. And categorizing them based on people's personality types, skills and interests makes it a convenient and easy shopping experience for people. If parents want to buy a toy to develop their child's interest in construction, all they need to do is browse through the `shop by personality & interest' category and they will be shown an extensive selection of toys and games to choose from. In India we rarely find people going to shops and asking for toys and games for their differently abled children because of the stigma attached to it. Hence we are aiming to build a platform that is inclusive, safe, and welcoming”.

Journey So Far and The Road Ahead
Though it has been only a short period since inception, Snooplay has managed to make a name for itself in the segment. Recently the firm secured a seed funding of Rs. 4.05 crores from lead investor, Amogh Kumar Gupta, Director of Pravek Kalp, which will be utilized to expand its supplier base, build technology and increase brand awareness.

Talking about the future plans for the company, Brij Raj concludes, "Snooplay's roadmap for the next three months includes on-boarding at least 500 sellers, increasing our unique SKUs from 5000 to 10000 by October, and developing a sophisticated AI-driven recommendation tool. Moreover, we are also focusing on upgrading our website in order to ensure a gratifying customer experience, launching books as a category and expanding on plush toys”.