Snowman Delivery: Delivering Happiness at Your Doorstep

Mohit Saini,Founder

Moments of celebration are incomplete without ice creams! One such company that fulfils your special moments, by delivering the ‘king of frozen desserts’ at your doorstep is, the Gurgaon based ‘Snowman Delivery’ led by Mohit Saini, a zealous entrepreneur in the ice cream delivery space. Growing up in a business family, Mohit moved to UAE from India at an early age of 18. He observed the craze for ice creams to beat the scorching heat at Dubai. The intense temperature was relatable to India, especially to Gurgaon. The fad for ice cream in India was never less! Post-2008, when delivery startups were booming, he came up with an idea of pooling all possible varieties of frozen delight from kulfi to carnival tubs all at one place and make them reach the end-customers, on the go! Being an ice cream lover since childhood, he was excited to start the business in this niche space. Thus came forth the Snowman Delivery in 2013. Today, the company is being associated with India’s iconic ice cream brands like Vadilal and Kwality wall’s amongst others; aiming to deliver exotic and luscious ice creams to its customers at their doorstep.

Mastering the Art of Ice-cream Delivery
Largely, the delivery service comes with many challenges. While timely delivery, proper packaging and maintenance of the deliquesce products was a hassle, standing out as the best was vital. “It took a lot of time and effort to be what we are now; Snowman Delivery is the fruit of commitment and unremitting efforts over the years. Our endeavor was never in vain. All of our vendors and customers acknowledge our service. Their comments and feedbacks have accelerated the growth,” exclaims Mohit.

Gearing up to new heights, Snowman Delivery is an exclusive platform that delivers awesomeness for all the ice-cream lovers

At present, there exists a snag in delivering ice-creams to the customers and it is limited to ice cream scoops, sticks, and cups. Snowman Delivery coming to rescue, aims at providing vast range premium products in scoops, tubs, and bricks. While other delivery platforms indulge complicated procedures such as placing an order through apps and websites, Snowman Delivery on the other hand makes things simple, easy and quick with their dial or click solution. Also, their policy of not charging extra delivery and packaging charges moulds them to stand ahead in this venture.

Savoring the Future
In a short span, ‘Snowman Delivery’ has successfully delivered 60,000+ orders and has done a business of over INR 2 Cr. The company recently associated itself with Mother Diary and other popular brands, to expand their services further in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Bangalore and other metro cities in the future. Taking the business to the next level, it is currently offering gala parties, ice cream carnivals and festivals to more than 50 corporate company and MNCs. Ever since its inception, the company has been dealing with a lot of clients and business partners. “Their support played a major role in advancing and improving our services, and 50 percent of the company’s profit is by regular customers. I’m thankful to them” says Mohit, cheerfully.

Moving ahead, there are many ice cream manufactures and traditional ice-cream players in India providing amazing products to the customers. Mohit mentions, “We would love to collaborate with such ice cream manufacturers and want to be the platform that brings in all the flavours and best quality products at one place”. The company is in virtue of connecting these manufacturing platforms to prevent inconveniences offered by other delivery lines.