Sociapa: Process Driven and Brand Centric Marketing Solutions

Dheeraj Raj,FounderToday’s hyper digital landscape has drawn almost every stakeholder in its folds, be it consumers, brands or marketers. With competition for consumer attention intensifying with every passing day, aptly designed and targeted marketing campaigns have become the need of the hour. But the question is, how many agencies can truly design engaging and brand specific campaigns? According to marketer and entrepreneur Dheeraj Raj, not many. “Having worked with various agencies for over a decade I realized that most agencies do not think about brand specific goals. Irrespective of the industry or vertical, they follow a similar approach for every brand,” explains Dheeraj.

Driven by the desire to render brand specific, tailor-made services to help brands reach their goals, Dheeraj founded Sociapa, a new age agency with a strong hold in marketing and branding in 2019. Headquartered in Noida, Sociapa brings in innovative and creative approach to managing brands in both Digital and Traditional Marketing (ATL and BTL). Armed with a dedicated team with expertise in respective fields, the young firm yields a high ROI driven model to every client.

Bootstrapped from the get go, Dheeraj along with his team has succeeded in amassing
an enviable roster of clients such as Mahak Group, Takufu, Apis, Bonn, La Americana, Bikano from the FMCG segment. Additionally the firm has also helped various startups such as Badhai Décor and Mugdh Farm grow.

Process Driven Approach
“Digital media and promotion enables companies to reach the right audience,” says Dheeraj. “Not only does it improve brand awareness but also helps maintain brand recall. All of these ultimately lead towards favorable outcomes for brands,” he further adds. To this end, Sociapa has designed its digital marketing services which include Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Website Development, Creative Designing, Email Marketing, SEO, Product Launch and Performance Marketing, Brand Strategy and Positioning.

The firm also specializes in creative marketing solutions such as packaging & logo designing along with conducting product shoots. Additionally, Sociapa boasts of video production capabilities including product detailer videos, video campaigns and corporate shoots.

The aforementioned services are provided by a strong team of creative and hardworking professionals. In order to be precise, every service or work provided by Sociapa is based on market driven research. Be it a basic Instagram story or a full-fledged launch campaign, the team follows a meticulous process that begins with research, ideation, writing/brainstorming, editing, development, feedback and is then ultimately uploaded online. “Following this strict pattern is what eventually makes our work more efficient and productive enough to bring any business/brand the ROI it needs,” explains Dheeraj.

Forging Ahead with AI Driven Marketing
Dheeraj believes that over the past two years that were embroiled in the pandemic, most brands have made a shift from traditional media to digital media. Looking to build on this growth momentum, Sociapa has been focusing on evolving as a team. In the coming years the firm intends to expand its horizon to meet the brand objective with better ROI. “Clicks, Views, Reach and Impressions etc. mean nothing if we don’t turn the ROI positive. We have always followed the data driven marketing approach for all of our brands and in the coming years we will have a dedicated AI Team for the same,” adds Dheeraj. AI driven marketing holds the present and future of marketing and Sociapa has already started implementing AI technology in ongoing campaigns of existing clientele.