Solomoto: The Digital Marketing Bliss

Guy Israeli,CEO

Guy Israeli, CEO & Co-Founder

Emergence of technology has brought about a cataclysmic change in business operations all over the world. It seems that each and every vertical of a business is getting addressed with the perfect amalgamation of the digital bi-products. This is the reason why the inspiration of Solomoto, a digital marketing company based in Israel, arose from market trends. The founders have history in the marketing and advertising industry - mainly working with big corporations and international brands and their digital budgets. Throughout, they found themselves refusing to work with smaller companies. “Solomoto was born mainly to answer this target group needs - so there are many other tools out there able to do this or that, but they are focused on the tools rather than on the persona that is going to use them”, says
Guy Israeli, CEO & Co-Founder.

Addressing the Challenges
According to the founders the primary challenge that prevails in the digital marketing space is all about keeping it simple. They observed that it is easy to just integrate and add features to a particular platform but in the end when it comes to digital marketing world 80:20 serves as the golden rule where, for small business owner sit is absolutely fundamental for the direct focus to be on the 20 percent of the efforts that will have the overreaching potential to yield 80 percent of the results.

"Solomoto has a strong foothold in 3 huge markets which are US, Brazil and Russia"

Choosing the right marketing mix and simplifying it to be manageable by a small but busy entrepreneur is the motto of this company. Mr. Israeli states, “E.g if Solomoto is working for the entrepreneur of one Pizza Company in the matter of 24 hours he is able to launch his whole web presence on multiple channels, social media communities and advertising. The bottom line is that our technology will know better than the pizza owner which image of Pizza he needs, what creative will work for his ads, what post will
work on facebook, and what the most clicked article in the Media is related to Pizza, and will combine it all together for the Pizza owner. This is the game changer for him.”

The Realisation and the Outcome
There are always up’s and downs while launching a new venture and Solomoto doesn’t think any different of itself. It went back and forth with its approaches several times to ensure that were indeed providing what users are looking for, and it took hard work to get to have a strong foothold in 3 huge markets like the US, Brazil and Russia. “I guess what made the whole difference was the open mindset of the team - and the data driven approach that helped us never lose the focus and never rely on instincts. Eventually you can only get to 170K+ users with dedicated and precise work. There’s no trick and a conscious trial and error reiterative process is the only way to go”, asserts Mr. Israeli.

The Road towards Infinite Success
The conflagration of the digital marketing revolution for the SMEs has been done. Solomoto has ignited the fire of visibility for the ones unknown. Soon the world will know more, learn more and everyone who will grow will know the name that initiated it all and the success story will be forever lasting, forever beautiful.