Soulitaire : A Trusted One Stop Window for People Seeking Creative and Myriad Professional Opportunities

Virat Tuli ,CEO & Founder

Virat Tuli

CEO & Founder

In recent years, online learning has widened the scope of education and transcended it beyond classroom boundaries. Thanks to high internet penetration. In this context, e-learning platforms are changing the Indian education landscape by addressing the demand-supply gap of both students as well as corporate employees by dispensing personalized learning outcomes. Mumbai-based Soulitaire is one such e-learning platform that offers wide plethora of services, aimed at catering to varied segments, a one stop window to fulfill the holistic needs of an individual or an entity or both.By supporting talented individuals/ professionals having domain knowledge in the relevant areas, Soulitaire is having a pole position in this thriving market. “It is this support which has made us organize 31 events in the last one year and we now propose to host 1 event per month in every metro city,” says Virat Tuli, CEO & Founder, Soulitaire.

The Conceptualization of Soulitaire
It all started when Virat decided to bring to fore his passion for writing by churning out pieces close to his heart. His dream of getting them published did not bear fruit, as rejection for his write ups welcomed him everywhere for unfathomable reasons. He did not let this rough patch bring down his morale. Instead, he embarked on this remarkable voyage, so as to provide a platform for everyone looking forward to quench their individual desire to unleash and showcase their creative and imaginative streak through the expression of writing.
This marked the beginning of Soulitaire. Soulitaire currently has five verticals and a mobile app across the spectrum that includes Soulitaire Scribblers - a platform for all budding writers, aspiring and established authors, SoulQuote - an Android app that will allow one to add a quote on the move, Soulitaire Bizz –a platform helps registered users sell their products and services under this vertical, Soulitaire Talks - A platform for speakers, authors and storytellers, Soulitaire Events and Soulitaire Trainings & Workshops. Soulitaire having a broad horizon of products and services for its customers has proven itself as a unique venture. “We are that one stop window for all your needs and these services are accessible to one and all. The enrolment process is hassle free, the terms and conditions comprehensible and is designed keeping in view the growing needs of the community,” he mentions.

The Journey
Soulitaire is led and driven passionately by some truly responsible shoulders- Virat Tuli, Dr Geeta Shukla, Alakananda Pramanik and CA Kaushik Ganguli. Each one of them carries a different and ingenious realm and when they collaborate, they cast a spell.

From a one man army, Soulitaire has evolved and risen to appreciable proportions on different levels and the growth has been steady and positive

From a one man army, the company has evolved and risen to appreciable proportions on different levels and the growth has been steady and positive. Virat adds, “Some of our path breaking achievements includes our anthologies Quoting Scribblers and Harmonious Symphonies. The response and reviews have been remarkable and beyond our expectations. We have collaborated with UC Berkeley for a project, IIHM for an event in Kolkata and NIEVPD in Dehradun for open mic in recent times. The reception to our efforts has been mind blowing everywhere.”

Since its inception, Soulitaire has crossed more than 6000 followers over different social media platforms, organized 30 domestic events, 1 international event, executed 38 business projects, acquired 14 new clients, published two anthologies and held six book promotions. “The acclaim that we bask in today is because of the positive word of mouth, transparent and enriching approach we adopt to bring in enthusiastic folks into our folds,” concludes Virat.