Sowtex Network: Smart Sourcing Platform for Textile Industry

Sonil Jain,Founder & CEO

Sonil Jain

Founder & CEO

Digitalization has helped businesses to speed and simplify sourcing. Faster search ability translates to quicker production, giving industries the first mover advantage in the business. Digital is an excellent tool for the textile industry alike, as it allows the brands to interact with their supply chain more effectively and lead them to acquire a strong position in the market to do optimal business.

However, advancement in this industry comes with its own unique set of challenges. The cost of sustainable supply chains has always been a primary factor for not adopting sustainable approaches to business. Collaborative outsourcing will be the key in managing the array of everyday supply complexities. The supply chains starting at the procurement of materials from suppliers have nothing to do with the customers. With the dawn of social media, the role of a procurement professional needs to know the significance of the end users' satisfaction to maximize inventory yields.

Sowtex help people to discover new supply chain keeping the people engaged in business around the market and helping the people to source the needs which is the basic and primary things done at Sowtex. The organization makes the best of the available opportunities and has held many webinars touching various domains of textile. The firm has reached few countries through online webinars doing the best in creating opportunities in the market throughout the pandemic time and also during the normal times as well. The organization is a dedicated online business to business marketplace that connects small and
medium enterprises in the textile industry with global customers. The firm is a technology enabled sourcing forum for fashion & textile buyers and suppliers with more than 5000 businesses registered from India, Bangladesh, China and other textile manufacturing hubs. It provides digital sourcing solutions on design discovery, ready stocks, available capacity, and lead generation.

Strategic Sourcing Revolutionizing the Supply Chain
Moreover, Sowtex is a knowledge series platform with experts from marketing domain, UYUX domain, SCO domain who up skills the users so that they can benefit the current time and helps them to connect with various other people to build their online presence upgrading their complete production structure. The organization is actually educating people as to why online is important especially in the present situation where people are working from home. It offers souring solutions over the phone understanding their needs. Buyers and suppliers can engage for their focused requirements through secured login on web and mobile application. It is building a team of future leaders, who are fast, committed and willing to go an extra mile for the customers.

Sowtex help people to discover new supply chain keeping the people engaged in business around the market and helping the people to source the needs

The organization is an official partner of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry). It is a part of FICCI as a textile partner and recently held an online exhibition where it promoted the textile products through FICCI. In addition, GEAR and Sowtex brings a master class on World Class Manufacturing Practices meeting the great minds of industry, cutting the edge insights with solutions and helping the business to get through the problems in the current scenario. Sowtex is a platform that fosters a connection between buyers and suppliers in the business eco-system to bind the industry together. Thus, helping the economy to fulfill the great potential of digital connectivity and increase the prosperity of all with a positive effect.

Sowtex is inclined to create online live library for all the designs that are available. Its Design Gallery, for that matter, is setup for the visibility of all the users which can be accessed through the mobile app. The firm is just a textile focused B2B platform and is looking forward to provide every possible solution to the textile users from the sourcing of the supply chain to consultancy. It further aims to mobilize and uplift the growth of small, medium and large enterprises and connect them on the global platform digitally. To create a solution and revolutionize the industry, Sowtex is bringing upgraded technology, instant interaction and product specialization together. Through cooperation and synergy, it seeks to modify the business world by inspiring the spirit of people every single day and helping the economy to develop the way lived, worked and played.