Spacion Business Centre: An Absolute Space to Grow

Harish Kumar Bathini, Founder & Director

Harish Kumar Bathini

Founder & Director

With offices in the two prime locations of the world, India & the United States, Spacion Business Centre is a company that is focused to provide infrastructure for business development and aims to create a friendly atmosphere to help the budding entrepreneurs, freelancers startups, SMEs & large corporate firms for carrying out their work smoothly at an ease, equipped with all the modern amenities, facilities & latest technologies - all under one roof.

Setting up an exclusive office requires a lot of investment in terms of money, time & space and particularly when the companies seek comfortable and elegant ambience. Understanding this phenomenon Spacion Business Centre (SBC) came into existence. The company leverages to give an access to the world-class facilities all under one roof. Initially invested in a property business but seeing the amplifying demand for the Co-Working spaces across the globe, Harish Kumar Bathini gradually shifted his interest to make a unique conventional model of a business centre as well as a traditional space. Explicating on the inception journey of Spacion,
Harish says, “At present, the startup scene in the globe and the Indian Govt's initiative for developing entrepreneurship has escalated the demand for Co-Working Spaces. Realizing that this major shift taking place is not only because of pricing & flexibility but more towards a better way of working, we came up with SBC.”

Started with 65000 sq. ft in Hyderabad, Spacion has added 1.5 lakhs in New Jersey in February & 14000 sq.ft in the Financial District, Hyderabad in May 2017

Services offered with Precision & Perfection
Established in 2015, Hyderabad-New Jersey ventured SBC tends to offer excellent services and potentials at an affordable price. Spacion provides ready to use office premises and other related services. Capturing to all the requirements of fully furnished & virtual office with catering it to 100 people at one go, the company gives a complete control over an individuals’ cost and gets value for money. With the mission to deliver the necessary organizational structure, Spacion renders its services in terms of offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms & business services. Some of the special features of Spacion's offering include prime location, dedicated phone number, 24-hour access with A/C support, refreshments, larger cafeteria, trained team support, flexible lease terms for serviced offices & virtual offices and
value-added services on fingertips & others. Harish avers “Keeping in mind the requisites elements we provide both serviced & virtual office spaces. As modern technology today has given the freedom to set up office without any one's presence, our stylish & well-equipped office has added more to it. Moreover, the facilities such as prime mailing address, fax facility, mail & courier management, access to meeting rooms have distinguished our presence.” He adds, “Besides, providing facilities to run a business, we offer our service in related are as such as getting mandatory registrations, dealing with different government departments, incorporation, business loan immigration, insurance, IT consulting, marketing & others.”

Plans to Expand Throughout
Led by a team of 18 professionals who understands the need of any business organization irrespective of their size and types, Spacion is recognized as one of the best locations with inculcating state-of-the-art technology. Addressing the companies to use for as low INR 2K per month, the company enables 200+ companies on board for various serviced & virtual office packages. Started with 65000 sq. ft in Hyderabad, recently Spacion has added 1.5 lakhs in New Jersey in February &14000 sq.ft in the Financial District, Hyderabad in May 2017. “Our plans are to add 10-14 floors in next 24 months in various locations of India, USA, Canada, Singapore & Europe and grow our business base exponentially throughout,” concludes Harish.