Spaciya Advisors: Bringing Market Intelligence To Transactional Services In Corporate Real Estate

Ajit Panda,Founder & CEO

Ajit Panda

Founder & CEO

There is much heart and soul that goes into being successful in business. Passion is essential to success. When you do what you love to do, you can go beyond success; you can make a real difference in people's lives. Such is the story of Ajit Panda, a small-town boy from Sambalpur, Orissa who aspired to be an entrepreneur, gained experience through different industries/companies, performed, acquired exposure and ventured out to set a revolutionary change in the industry. Ajit pursued his MBA from IMS, Indore, joined Grasim Industries in 2001 as a Management Trainee and brought in the first set of FMCG products in Aditya Birla Group. He gathered rich experience by working with big names of the industry. With such vast and enterprising exposures and an entrepreneurial bug in the mind all the time, he set out to start on his venture in 2013 that was into Residential Real Estate. Unfortunately, the market was crashing at that time and Ajit was left with not much choice. He didn't lose hope instead he booked one seat in a co-working place to work out on a model and industry that will set his future. Soon he encountered the nuisances of finding official spaces and the troubles that users come across - be it lack of market intelligence in place or presence of deceitful agents and landlords. This incited him to zero in upon creating a company that
would provide market intelligence and core enablers to plan and negotiate a deal in corporate leases. This marked the beginning of Spaciya Advisors.

Ajit convinced Mr Alok Garg, a Gold Medalist, REC, Roorkee and a serial investor to bet on the idea and come on full-time board. With two years of data collection, research and market intelligence, the company introduced the office lease spy report which is custom-tailored for any startup or corporate to know the insider information before they decide to take a new office. The report enables the users with the market intelligence to know where to shift and with what terms and conditions that are best negotiated. The report also is useful to corporates who want to know whether they should renew their lease agreements and under what terms. "This report is boon to companies who want to save costs on the long term and know that the spy report enabled transaction is the best they could ask for. Our transactional services arm enables the companies to execute the transactions," says Ajit.

Spaciya enables corporates to make intelligent choices based on data analytics and weaponry for negotiations of a transaction

Living up to its tagline - Intelligent Choices in Corporate Real Estate, Spaciya enables corporates to make intelligent choices based on Data Analytics and weaponry for negotiations of a transaction. The outcome is always saving in the long term. It is Spaciya currently rendering its services through human interface and aspires to automate the process through Artificial Intelligence. The upcoming platform will autogenerate the spy reports based on big data and algorithm of scenarios.

The Road Ahead
Due to its unique proposition to its clients, the company is acquiring clients on a fast pace and witnessing 100 per cent growth year on year. In Oct 2019, it has already surpassed its FY 18-19 turnover to witness 100 per cent + growth this year. "We have served 150 + Corporate clients so far," he mentions.

Till now, Spaciya has fully capitalized the Noida market and has plans to launch itself in entire Delhi NCR in FY 2020-21. After setting the pro-cesses for scaling up in FY2020-21, it plans to ramp up operations to Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Chennai in FY 2021-22.