Spartan Poker: Delivering Best poker online games and high value tournaments

Amin Rozani,  CEOIt is a well known fact that we Indians harbour a special love for sports and it has always been a growing sector in the country which is brimming with countless opportunities. And now with everything being digitized, this space is also undergoing a massive transformation where there has been a shift from the traditional way of playing games and people are switching to the online gaming arenas. This evolving landscape of online gaming has positioned India at the 17th spot in the global e-sports industry. In the lieu of capitalizing on this opportunity, many players are coming in the market and are changing the face of the e-sports market in the system. One particular company that is making significant strides in this space is Mumbai-based 'Spartan Poker.' One of India's best gaming arena and the home of online tournament poker, Spartan Poker offers a thrilling experience for all the poker enthusiasts by allowing them to exhibit their skills. "We began with live tournament poker brand called India Poker Championship back in 2010. After running this national championship successfully for the next four
years, we realised that a scale up was the need of the hour and that's when we decided to pursue the e-commerce model of taking the game online and allowing players from every part of the country to get easy access to this sport they love," says Amin Rozani, CEO, Spartan Poker.

A reckoned online poker platform, Spartan Poker provides you with an ideal arena for real cash poker in India that lets you relish cash poker benefits

A reckoned online poker platform, Spartan Poker provides you with an ideal arena for real cash poker in India that lets you the real relish cash poker benefits. The company is well known for its pioneering tournament offerings like the 'Millionaire' which was the first ever Indian online tournament that offered a guaranteed million rupee first place prize to the winner. It is also a proud host of the biggest poker festival of the year which is an Indian Online Poker Championship which is organised every year. Whether it is organizing the biggest poker series, Spartan Super Series or introducing exciting promotions to boost the zeal of players, Spartan Poker is known to bring innovation to the table whenever possible. "We knew tournaments were our forte and this became our focus in terms of player offerings. Right now, we have plenty of tournament options like Millionaire, Two of a Kind, and Destiny that offer life-changing prize money," asserts Amin.

A bootstrapped company, Spartan Poker is available on all Windows and MAC devices including mobile and tablets. The company has come a long way on the path of success and continues to foray ahead. From about five employees then, the company has now grown to a strong team of 70 members. Aiming to become a top poker brand not only in India but also in the region as well, it is focusing on becoming one of the top real money gaming brands in the world. "It is an exciting time to be in the gaming business in the country. There have been several positive rulings in favour of poker over the past few years and it is only going to increase in the coming days. Spartan is trying to be on the cutting edge of tech and game offerings and is looking to offer more options in due course," he concludes.